Sunday , April 11 2021

Speculation at the Appeals Chamber: Do not file a case against Ivance at the Supreme Court

Desislava Ivancheva Photo: Pierre Petrov

Do not file a criminal complaint against Dessislav Ivanchev and Bilyane Petrov with the SCC judges until two measures are taken.

With this appeal, special state attorneys turned to appeals. In a letter, they added that it would only ensure impartial resolution of the case filed in the Prosecution's protest against the two measures of "detention in custody" in "home custody".

The letter was signed by Dimitar Petrova, i.f. the administrative body of the specialized prosecutor's office, i.f. the Administrative Judge of the Appellate Office, the First Instance Prosecutor and the Appellate Prosecutor. He was addressed to the Speaker of the Special Appellate Court Georgi Ushev.

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