Friday , March 5 2021

Sport | Hamilton is opposed to extending the Calendar of Formula 1

Hamilton is opposed to extending the Calendar of Formula 1

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World Champion Lewis Hamilton has objected to the excessive expansion of Formula 1 schedule. In his view, the pilots' burden has become too great.

This season, as well as the next, has 21 starts. A few days ago, Formula 1 announced the inclusion of Vietnam in the calendar in 2020. It is expected that the schedule of catches will be in the Miami race, and the Netherlands will probably return after a long vacation.

"I already have the feeling that we are in the 25th race this year, so I do not think that is positive," Hamilton said before the Brazilian Grand Prix.

He added that he thought the season with 18 starts was the best option. "I'm a man who loves to run a lot, but the season is long, it's a great jump for all of us and we've been away from our family for a long time." The season becomes longer and the time of rest is shorter, the champion added.

Hamilton said he would probably no longer compete when the calendar reached 25 starts.

The next year, the championship will end in December, and this will be the latest final of 1963.

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