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P in the fall and winter season people get sick more often, especially if they work indoors that do not ventilate. The most common cause is our weakened immune system, which is unable to cope with more frequent virus attacks - they become more active and thrive when summer ends and temperatures drop.

Instead of swallowing pills to treat colds, strengthen your immune system so that it can fight bacteria and viruses. Here are some simple rules that are proven to have a positive effect on human immunity.

  • Eat more citrus fruits

If you can't eat lemon and grapefruit because they are too acidic, drink them with lemonade by adding some honey. Despite its acidic taste, citruses alkalize the body and boost immunity.

  • Drink more fluid

Water removes poisons from the body and promotes better immunity.

Herbal teas are also a wonderful moisturizer with beneficial properties. Pomegranate, black old man and echinacea are effective immunostimulants.

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  • Limit coffee, alcohol and cigarette consumption

They have the opposite effect on the immune system - weaken it.

Green tea is not only a great alternative to a morning cup of coffee, but also a very useful product. The Japanese are not in vain fans of this tea. Contains substances that boost the immune system. Green tea effectively removes the bacteria and viruses that cause influenza, pneumonia and several other unpleasant diseases. It is enough to drink 1-2 cups of green tea a day. In case of illness, the dose should be increased and you should drink 3-4 glasses a day.

  • Consume enough protein

If you consume enough quality meat, milk and eggs, you will get enough protein for your immune system to work. If you do not consume animal products, you can get high quality protein from beans, lentils, nuts and mushrooms. If you do not get enough ingredients that are so important to the body, your immune system is stressed and may not function properly.

More than anything vegetables, onions and garlic promote a healthy immune system because they contain natural antibacterial ingredients, volatile substances that kill pathogenic bacteria. Eat them raw, but do not overdo it as it can irritate the stomach and intestines. Do not heat them as they will lose much of their useful properties.

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  • Vitamins and trace elements

Vitamins and minerals, naturally derived from food, are needed to boost the immune system. Vitamin A contains in its red and orange fruits and vegetables, cheese, curd, liver, eggs. Vitamin C - in citrus fruits, rose fruits, sauerkraut, red pepper, parsley. Vitamin E - in vegetable oils and nuts. Group B vitamins - in whole grains and stews, eggs, green leafy vegetables, nuts.

Of the trace elements zinc / fish, meat, liver, nuts, beans, peas / selenium / fish and other seafood, garlic has a positive effect on immunity. Iron, honey, magnesium - contained in meat, eggs, nuts, stews and chocolate.

  • Sleep enough

Sleep is very important for strong immunity because during sleep the body recovers. Sleep at least 8 hours a day to stay healthy and have an immune system that can fight bacteria and viruses

  • Less stress, more relaxation

Stress can be a major cause of a weakened immune system.

It is most dangerous when one cannot cope with their emotions at all. There are various psychological ways of coping with stress, forming a calm attitude towards everything in the environment of reality. More often, remind yourself that if you can't make a difference, take it for granted. Another new way is to stimulate the brain to normalize its activity.

However, if you are sometimes forced to experience stress, make up for it with laughter. Affects the body as beneficial as physical exertion: it lowers blood pressure, relieves stress and strengthens the immune system, improves appetite, lowers cholesterol.

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  • Sport, movement and fresh air

Experts have firmly shown that the movement strengthens immunity. In order to reach every organ, the elements of the immune system need good circulation. This is achieved through muscular activity that helps the movement of blood.

Muscle is also the biggest consumer of glucose, which is why a moving child actively prevents diabetes. In addition, immobilization leads to overcrowding in children.

Adipose tissue produces substances called cytokines. They are an element of the inflammatory process, the immune system fights them and is exhausted in their efforts to neutralize them.

Movement maintains optimal metabolism, and regular winter walks clog the body. On the street, the risk of colds or flu is many times lower than indoors.

In order to keep the air clean, they must be ventilated regularly at home.

Viruses are transmitted twice more by contact surfaces than directly by air droplets, so increase hygiene - wash your hands more often with soap, use individual towels, watch for regular disinfection of common contact surfaces such as handles, keyboards, etc.

Avoid touching the unclean hands of the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose, which is more likely to cause a viral infection.

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