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The 46-year-old man is paralyzed after the late sound

A man from Pernik is wearing a toothbrush after a delay. His studies have been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

The patient is 46 years old. He was hospitalized for treatment at the Pernik hospital and was treated for more than 20 days. Despite the doctors' efforts, there was still slight movement in the legs. According to the physician, he will need long rehabilitation to re-run, Mirogled writes.

Only five cases of Lyme disease and one of the fevers in the past month have been reported in Pernik. There have so far been no such cases in the field.

Lyme disease, also known as Lyme borrelioze, is an infectious disease that is transmitted through ticks. The infection is made after the bite of the infected ticks, and if the ticks remain on the skin. Clinical picture occurs in three consecutive phases, each of which affects the various organs and systems in the body (heart, joints, central nervous system).

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