Sunday , April 11 2021

The Supreme Court of Appeal examines appellate speculation on behalf of Ivančeva and Bilyana Petrova

Desislava Ivancheva and Bilyana Petrova Photo: Desislava Kulleeva

President of the Supreme Court for Criminal Justice (SCC) has ordered his order from 28.11.2018. To verify the organization of the activities of the Appellate Court (ACSV) in criminal private prosecution cases, initiated and dealt with by private lawsuits, or private protests, against the orders of the court of first instance ordered in the order of art. 270 of the Criminal Procedure Code at the request for taking measures against the accused Desislava Ivanchev and Bilyane Petrova, published by the press center of the court.

Verification must identify: the number of complaints in private criminal cases with the same defendants; referral of referral documents by the first instance court in private cases, their recognition in ACSV; recording and filing of cases; the election of the Judge Rapporteur and the members of the Panel; deadlines for pronouncement.

The bill stated that the inspection was entrusted to a commission comprised of: the president: Galina Zaharova – deputy president of the Supreme Judge and Head of the Criminal Code and members of Kapka Kostova – President of the First Criminal Division, Galina Toneva – judge in the second criminal division.

Inspection must be carried out in the period of 29.11.2018. Until 05.12.2018. By December 10, 2018, the commission should prepare and submit a report on the results.

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