Thursday , June 24 2021

The truck hit six parked cars at the entrance to Veliko Tarnovo, taking advantage of this

Photo: Facebook / Miroslav Jordanov

The catastrophe at the entrance to Veliko Turnovo was miraculously ended without injuries and casualties, the bTV reported.

After using the truck, he hit six parked cars and stopped meters from the store.

The inconvenience occurred in the early afternoon of entering the city of Sofia. The car that came out of the gas pump on the main road was not in line with the approaching truck. He jumped on the canvas and literally moved the truck to the front.

As a result of the impact, the truck became uncontrollable and carried 70 km an hour in the pit.

With about 10 meters of darkness, he jumped over the dump, hit six parking cars in the parking lot in front of the mall and slid back into the jar. No injuries.

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