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Singapore Airlines announced the best airline in the world 2019

The carrier, currently running the longest commercial flight from Singapore to New York, got its title from, a website that ranked airline companies based on their safety and experience on their aircraft.

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Singapore Airlines replaced Air New Zealand last year, while Australian carrier Qantas ranked third in the Daily Mail.

See Top 10 Top Airline Companies in the World for 2019:

1. Singapore Airlines

2. Air New Zealand


4. Qatar Airways

5. Virgin Australia

6. Emirates

7. All Nippon Airways

8. EVA air

9. Cathay Pacific Airways

10. Japan Airlines

Qatar Airways was named the fourth best airline next year, followed by Virgin Australia.

Dubai Emirates were ranked sixth and followed by All Nippon Airways (7), EVA Air (8), Cathay Pacific (9) and Japan Airlines (10)., headquartered in Australia, said they have chosen Singapore Airlines as the airline company ranked first on virtually all criteria, including financial results, staffing, and safety at work.

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Meanwhile, the aviation company has also won the title of the first class of the site, labeled as "a small hotel room equivalent".

For the best Qatar Airways business class, thanks to so-called Q-apartments equipped with a double bed. The aviation company also won the title of "Best Catering".

Korea Air is the best economic class. Qantas has the best seats, the best cabin crew is the Virgin of Australia, and Dubai Emirates provides the best entertainment during the flight.

Winners in the category of the best low-cost carriers are WestJet (America), AirAsia / AirAsia X (Asia Pacific) and Wizz (Europe).

The Emirates (Middle East), EVA Air, Lufthansa (Europe) and Delta (America) are the longest carriers.

Best Air Travel World 2019:

Airport of the year: Singapore Airlines

Best Long Distance Airline: Emirates (Middle East), EVA Air (Lufthansa) and Delta (America)

Best low-cost carrier: WestJet (America), AirAsia / AirAsia X (Asia Pacific) and Wizz (Europe)

Best First Class: Singapore Airlines

Best Business Class: Qatar Airways

Best Classification of the Top Economy: Air New Zealand

Best economic class: Korea

Best places: Qantas

Best Catering: Qatar Airways

Best fun on board: Emirates

Best domestic flights: Qantas

Regional Airport of the Year: QantasLink

The most sophisticated airline company: Phillipine Airlines

Best ultra low price carrier: VietJet

Best cabin crew: Virgin Australia

Recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization, estimates the safety and products of 450 airline companies using the seven-star system.

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