Monday , March 1 2021

They found the treasure in the Pleven prison

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Delva with turkish money from the 19th century was opened in the Plevenski prison area.

A unique discovery is found in the cultivation of agricultural land.

It was found to be treasured for the 19th century, Dr Volodya Popov, director of the Regional Museum of History (RIM) in Pleven, said.

The open jar filled up 7500 silver turkish coins, the so-called. I think this is a tremendous treasure for this period, but it is very early to talk specifically about the findings, Dr. Popov said.

According to him, it is probably associated with random hiding, buried at a depth of 30 centimeters in a place where there is no evidence of the building. When he was buried, it's hard to say, museum specialists will still work on coins to see what they are.

Two museum specialists are involved as soon as they discover the treasure with her collection and documentation, the Museum's director said.

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