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Tiam: Peter Hubchev is a strong person, Delio Rossi has made me a better footballer

Midfielder Lev Hali Tiam gave a comprehensive interview for the Sport Code show. Senegalac talks about a new blue coach Petru Hubche, his career and his dream to play for his country's national team.

Hi, Mr. Tiam! You start in the third season in Levski. What do you expect him to do?

"You do not have a great choice in Leman in Bulgaria. When you are in this club, you have to focus on the maximum. Of course – this has become a champion. I really want this to happen to the club.

Do you know how many trainers have you had in Levi since you arrived in Bulgaria?

– Yes Yes. It's five. In football we have to be prepared for such situations. Our job is like an airport – one arrives, the other departs, some remain.

Is that good for that?

– It's important to have stability. Whether it's good or bad, the future will show us.

You are now working with Petrov Hubchevo, who until recently was Bulgaria's national coach. What are your impressions?

"For a short while when we are together, I see a strong person." A man who is a winner. This Levski moment needs.

Georgi Kostadinov: Levi's policy in recent years was wrong

Georgi Kostadinov: Levi's policy in recent years was wrong

"The biggest disappointment so far in my career is that I have not managed to raise my trophy with the" blue "

We exclude Hubche, who was too soon, with whom did you train the best in Levski?

– Every coach is different and has a look at things. Man continues to play defensively, others – more insulting. It depends on the coach. We are professional football players and we have to adapt to every mentor who is named.

Which style do you prefer?

– I'm a midfielder playing between two criminal fields. In other words, I can play both offensive and defensive. The most important thing is how I perform to help win the team. Short and clear. If I hit my offensive game, I'll continue. The same is true if success comes with more defensive football.

How did Levsky's offer arrive to you?

"I was in Russia, and a new coach Dynamo (Moscow) excluded me from my plans. My manager contacted Levi. Then I met Italian coach Deli Rossi, who was the coach of the team. At this point in my life, my arrival in Bulgaria was the best option.

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What did you know about Bulgaria before playing here?

– Long live in Budapest and relatively close to Bulgaria. I knew the culture was similar to Hungarian. I knew Levski and Ludogorets for European tournaments. I started to look at Bulgaria, because then I could not say much about it. And when I came, it was very easy.

For two and a half years in our country, what do you like?

– that lifestyle is relatively similar to Hungarian. My wife is a Hungarian, my children have Hungarian passports. Thanks to all this in Bulgaria I feel at home.

What do you do not like in Bulgaria?

– Not much. But let me pick one-time. It is very hot or very cold.

What is your best memory from Bulgaria to date?

– When we qualified for the final of the Bulgarian Cup. We removed CSKA. This is my best time in Bulgaria and this great club. Although we did not succeed in winning the trophy later, I have no better memory.

Then maybe the worst remembrance is final?

– That's right. It came so fast.

How did this happen? You played much better than the Slavs and lost.

– Football is a very strange game. After such a game, it's not just a waste. Three days I did not sleep for an hour. I was trying to figure out exactly what happened. How did we get lost? We had to beat the field easily. The Suparnik, however, developed the plan and executed it.

Levski's leadership was honored by Gundy and Kotkova

Levski's leadership was honored by Gundy and Kotkova

Today, 48 years have passed since the death of two legends

And did you find the answer in those three nights?

– I just wore my shoes and went to the training. There is no better drug.

What do you think about the level of Bulgarian football?

– That's good, many teams in Bulgaria play strong, aggressive. I was in many different championships. Everyone has their own style.

Which is closest to Bulgarian?

– Russian style. Football is very similar to Bulgarian.

Do you think there is a ferplay in Bulgarian football? Many people do not doubt it. You are an alien and interesting is what you think.

– I think football has enough fair play. I often get yellow cards in the field during the game, but this is part of the game. Some see it as a battle, others as a lack of fairplay. From the other point of view, many things are spoken in the stands, but I think the game is fair enough.

Levsky has not won a trophy for 10 years. What's missing in the club?

"Everyday I ask this question," What's missing? " We have everything in the team – excellent players, excellent center, magnificent fans. Really everything to win. There must be a certain degree of happiness we lack. Maybe we have to work more and more on the field further. I really can not wait for Levski to win the trophy. The club deserves it. It is not fair that ten years does not exist.

Do you think there is a psychological problem?

– Maybe there is. However, I did not feel any psychological problems for the second part of the game. We're going to win every game. That is our only goal.

What will be a good performance in the European League this season?

– We have a strong team. And we have to be ahead of last year. You know then that we ran against the first rival. This should be different. It is a minimum to go at least one step further.

Let's talk about your arrival in Bulgaria. How did you get to Levski?

"Very good, very nice." I found French speaking colleagues, others spoke English. I like Bulgaria very much – most people speak English. So I do not have any communication problems.

Many players left Levski after the end of the season. Why did you decide to stay?

"When you feel good in one place and when you want to achieve something, it's easy to decide to stay. I feel very good right here and now, doing my job, having ambitions, the club has its own project.

Who are your best friends?

– My colleagues with whom I work every day. And of course my wife.

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Do you have Bulgarian friends outside of football?

– Footballers are. Sometimes we go to dinner. I like to joke with Raino. We often deal with white heads.

Are you always wandering?

– Not always, but very often.

There was a derby with CSKA and the "red" fans accused you of intentionally injuring Fernando Carrango. What is the truth?

– We managed with 1: 0. That was one of the so-called 50 to 50 ball situation. I'm a defensive midfielder. All the coaches I had told me that if I'm not sure 99 percent, I will not hit the ball. Football has always been a hurt. It happens. It was a bad time for the rival. But I never wanted to hurt footballers.

So, no purpose?

– Not at all. I do not want to hurt a footballer in the field. Whether it's CSKA or any other club.

Did you talk to Karang then?

– I'm not personal. We met again with one control in Cyprus. He has already played for the Chinese club. We just met, we did not say anything special.

Do you still think there are players who intentionally hit the rival?

– It's not humane. If you are a human being, if you are an athlete, suffer from your partner's injury. Believe me, I've seen many trauma. It's very bad. I thought maybe it might be possible for some time to be in his place with this injury. I do not think there is a footballer who would deliberately cause the trauma.

Bulgaria has a serious problem with racism. Were you a victim?

– In Hungary, this problem exists also in Bulgaria. Russia has a similar story. I did not feel the victim. I'm out and play. Maybe it's normal, we're not a skin color. If you are white and go to black, you will be looking at you with other eyes. But that does not mean they are racists. They just do not know you.

What do you think about racists? What would you tell them?

– Racism has two sides. Some think that only white people are racists. But there are black racists and yellow racists. For me, racism is ignorance. They just do not know. They do not see, they're not looking. These people are scared. There is more fear in them than hate. They do something they do not understand.

Levski scouts again

Levski scouts again

Blues is preparing for a divorce with Bogdan Patrascu

FIFA runs a very long battle with racism, and one of the ideas is to stop the match for him. What do you think?

– Stopping the fight does not mean that the problem will be resolved. It may even get worse. It is better for these people to leave the stadium and talk to them. I'm trying to figure out why they do it. And if they have to punish them, then they should be reprimanded. But to understand why they are racists. They must have their cause. But let them know this is wrong.

Your wife is from Hungary. Probably white?

– Yes, exactly.

How did you meet?

– Then I played for ITC (Budapest). We met there. It's all about me. It helps me in everything. Even now, when I gave this interview, she was at home and watching the kids, but she was thinking about me and how she would go through the interview. To me that means a lot of things. Because of this I am more relaxed and safer on the ground.

You are from Senegal, but why did not you ever play in the Senegalese team?

– It's true, but I hope I'll play in the team one day. It is the dream of every Senegalese football player.

Levski with an unusual warm-up game before training

Levski with an unusual warm-up game before training

"Blues" held a session on Saturday

How did you leave your homeland?

"I trained in a teenage academy, from where they invited me to Italy, at Primaveru, in the club of Novara, I participated in a tournament with a team, after which my manager took me to Hungary, a team called Kaposvari, where I signed my first professional contract.

How did you get your transfer to Chicago Fire? Did you know that the biggest legend of the Bugarka club?

– Of course I know. Transmission was weird. I played my most important career for ITC. And I wanted a change. When you are in one place and you are not challenging, you are looking for something new. I always did it in my life. I had a lot of bidding, but this was the best. I said, "Try it!"

Is this different life in America than in Europe?

"Very, very different." It's like I've entered another world. If you ask me, I feel more European. For the first three months in America I was not stable. Then I started getting used to their culture. Indeed, the world is radically different.

Hungary, the United States and Turkey. How is it?

– Yes, because I wanted to go back to Europe. I rented Chicago and because of that I could not go back to my Hungarian club. It was December and the offer came from Gaziantepspor. The Turkish Super League is also a strong champion and I have easily agreed. The level is very high. I played 15 games.

And then Dinamo (Moscow).

– Yeah. They were gazing at Gaziantepspor. They wanted to buy me a lot. But suddenly there were financial problems and the team dropped from the first league. I could not stay anymore. I always wanted to play in the leading clubs.

You often change clubs, but you definitely stay in Levski. How long have you been here for so long?

"Maybe 20 years, maybe a whole life." For me football is the first. I like to try different countries, different cultures. However, the ball remains round. There will be one in every corner of the world.

What is the most striking match in your career?

– Against Galatasaraya. I got naked and felt divine.

Photo 424483

How did the game end?

– We lost 1: 2 as Wesley Snyder scored a free kick at the end of the free kick.

You have not achieved a lot of goals, but please give your best.

"Against Galatasaray I felt the best, but my best goal was in Hungary when I played for Caposhevari.

Can you describe it to us?

– With a 30-meter move. You can see it online.

Which coach has the greatest impact on your career?

– Delio Rossi. He did a lot of things for a short while with me. Make me a better player. Explain to me things I did not know. I understand that they do not like them much in Bulgaria. Perhaps because of the style he imposed and maybe because of his character. But he still sees what your potential is and will keep you acquainted.

Have you ever dreamed about the Senegalese national team?

– I do not know where my career will develop. It is not easy to enter the national team. Many players are from the Premier League, French League 1, Spain's Primera Division. We have a mentality problem in Senegal. People are only five championships. And they think football elsewhere does not play. These are England, France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Levsky put the price on Stanislav Kostov

Levsky put the price on Stanislav Kostov

"Blue" wants 700 thousand euros

Is Sadio Mane your favorite player?

– No, my idol is Yaya Toure. But now I support Sadio Mane because he is currently the most famous Senegal football player. He is the ambassador of our country to the world.

Africa has great football players such as Mohammed Salah, Sadio Mane and Pierre-Emerich Obameyang. Do you think the time will come when the African team will win the world title?

"It will take a long time, Africa has always had world stars, but we have to be more cohesive, more united, maybe it's time to win something big but it will not be easy.

Are you in touch with other Africans in Bulgaria?

– I do not know much. I see there are other Africans in the first league. I do not have time for contact. When I'm not playing, I'm with the family. I'm the owner of the house.

If you should consult a Bulgarian friend, what should you see in Senegal? What is your homeland?

– Very friendly country. We call it "pedaalacara". This means a country of hospitality. We do not know whether you are Senegal, Portuguese or Bulgarian. All of you will try to make you happy. Aliens call us "Pedaalacara". This is my advice – if you go there, eat rice and fish. This is the main food. It's very delicious. There is also one great lake worth visiting. That's magnificent.

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