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UDF will work for reuniting right (OBZOR)

November 12, 2018 | 02:31 | FOCUS news agency

Photo: UDFSDS will work for true unification (OBZOR)

UDF will work for reuniting right (OBZOR)Photo: UDF

Sofia. UDF President Rumen Hristov said the party is the oldest and most talented party and should try to unite the true formation. The UDF will sharpen its rows and discuss with which right-wing units it can cooperate. Rumen Hristov commented that the old right should "overturn" and change the management model that the consumer is wrong and goes into crisis after the crisis, scandal after the scandal. UDF will first seek partners with the EPP parties because they are in the right wing family and have similar attitudes about managing Europe and Bulgaria. Asked where GERB stands in these partnerships, Rumen Hristov explained: "GERB is a member of the EPP, they have the greatest performance there but they are not the main one." Everyone has equal membership. "He says that GERB is a great formation with the commitments towards the center, while UDF has a purely real democratic vision. "We were better GERB partners than their current ones," the UDF leader said, adding that separation in the previous parliament was not just a blame for the Reform Party.
The UDF has adopted program priorities that will require cooperation with other right-wing and nationally-responsible organizations. The party will work on unification in the direction of: deepening integration processes in the EU and NATO, including the rapid adoption of Bulgaria into the Eurozone and Schengen; doubling revenue for the next mandate of management through greater economic growth, doubling GDP over the next 10 years and reducing direct and indirect taxes; Implementing the necessary reforms in the judiciary to ensure a just and accelerated justice for every Bulgarian; combating corruption at all levels in institutions and state administration; financial and administrative decentralization, administrative reform and reduction of civil servants; removing administrative barriers for businesses and citizens; ending the vicious practice of investing money into unrestrained systems such as education, health and safety; introduction of e-government.
According to UDF, there is no doubt that extraordinary elections will be – the question is when. UDF President Rumen Hristov said the party must necessarily be in the next parliament. "We have the potential, we know and we can." We have the will, we have a deal with very serious crises, political and financial, and graceful and spiritual. "With the staff available to him, UDF can be useful to the state and right-wing voters because they are not small," he said. "I want us not to forget all that has happened thanks to UDF. I want to turn the nostalgic UDF policy into pragmatic," said the right-wing leader. UDF chairman and mayor of Karlovac Emil Kabaivan announced that local party elections should seek to improve positions with multiple mayors and municipal councilors. "We are aware that the positions of the party in the local government make it possible for him to develop." The worst example in this respect was the NMSS, which were in two departments but did not have any positions in the local government. UDF has already decided that local parties have the freedom to participate in local coalitions of upcoming elections. "At this point it is clear that local coalitions with the BSP, MRF, can not be done on pure ideological motives and principles," Emil Kabaivanov said. "When we have a candidate to run against another candidate, we do not refuse support without violating our principles," he said. According to the Kabaivanov coalition with GERB, it is difficult to understand because they want to appear on an independent list, allowing UDF to support its candidates. "As a support party of GERB, we do not express our aspirations for local elections," Emil Kabaivanov said.

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