Saturday , May 8 2021

Unheard of! She came to the intimate secret of Camellia, which has been kept for 10 years with …

Camellia has been hiding her tattoo for ten years. The singer can rarely be caught showing a discreet inscription right next to the wrist, and photos with the inscription clearly visible are almost missing, found. In an interview with Mont Deau, the singer of “Fire Girls” first admitted that the caption reads: “God is in me” and she believes in God.

“God lives in me,” Camelia said in an interview, pointing to a hand with a tattoo that is the only one on her body. In a recent interview, the folk diva said she died this summer and had the opportunity to read several books.

One of the readings that impressed the singer is the popular Brown bestseller. Supposedly this is what is written very personally about Camelia and her faith, so she stubbornly hides a tattoo, made in 2011.

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