Sunday , April 11 2021

“We start all over again”: Gal Gadot pregnant with third child

Another stellar baby is on the way! The beautiful Gal Gadot, who gained worldwide fame as the Wonderful Woman Fighting for Justice, announced a few hours ago on her personal Instagram profile that she is expecting a third child from her husband Jaron Versan, with whom she has been married since 2008.

In the photo, which she posted on social media, the actress is on a bed in the bedroom of her home, dressed in a white satin nightgown and without a drop of makeup on her face, with her husband and their daughters Maya and Alma on both sides, her hand on her slightly chubby belly, while smiling at the camera lens.

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We start again“, reads the message in a frame that has garnered an impressive over 3 million likes and more than 32,000 comments, filled with congratulations.

Gal with his wife and two daughters

Gal with his wife and two daughters

Photo: official Instagram profile

The beauty, who once won the Miss Israel crown, deliberately shared the good news after attending the 78th Golden Globe Awards ceremony, during which she announced one of the winners in various categories. The reason is that many cyberspace users, after going on stage in a short but tailored snow-white “Givenchy” dress with long voluminous tulle sleeves, wondered what was the reason for her decision to hide her shiny figure. Of course, some of them immediately suspected that the wide silhouette of her dress was not accidental, and perhaps she was trying to hide the fact that she was pregnant again. And they were right.

Gal at the award ceremony "Golden globes" 2021

Gal at the 2021 Golden Globe Awards

Photo: Los Angeles Times screenshot

The attractive brunette first became a mother in 2011, when Alma was born, and six years later their family grew by another member. In a recent interview with Vogue magazine, she said she always wanted to be a young mother, although in a subsequent interview for Baby magazine she did not hide the fact that it was not easy for her.

With May I can enjoy everything a lot more because I already knew exactly what I was going through and I wasn’t so worried. However, I noticed that the second child had somehow changed the dynamics of the family, so I wanted to be completely sure that Alma was getting enough attention and love from me, even though I had to spend more time with Maya.“she says.

Gadot described the creation of life as “the greatest feeling in the world.”

Photo: official Instagram profile

I may be playing a goddess in Wonder Woman, but that’s how I felt when I gave birth to my two amazing daughters.“, admits the Israeli.

It is not yet clear whether Galina’s pregnancy will affect her filming schedule. Already in October last year, it was confirmed that he would play Cleopatra, starring in a new biographical film about the Egyptian queen, on which he would work again with Patti Jenkins, who directed both films for the DC superhero. The two are also preparing a third production for Amazon Princess Diana Prince, and work on HBO Max’s “Snyder Cut,” which will be part of Justice League history, is set to begin soon.

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