Monday , May 17 2021

Which people are more likely to have a flu? – Blitz

The risk of flu disease is closely related to microorganisms in the nose and throat, bioRxiv reported. American biologists have discovered that people are more likely to have a flu. They found that the likelihood of influenza is related to the microorganisms in the nose and throat – the Alloprevoteli and Prevoteli bacteria increase it until Bacteroides vulgatus is reduced.

The frequency with which they appear differs for each age group. This explains why children and adults are more likely to suffer from flu cases.

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"This discovery has enormous potential, but we are still far from randomly manipulating microflora and creating" bacterial "tablets to protect us from flu and other illnesses," says Betsy Foxman of Michigan University.

She pointed out that experts have only recently attended this course.

Every year, the epidemic of influenza causes thousands of people to die.

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Last winter in the Czech Republic, the flu killed at least 50 people, and in the USA, 84 children died.

The results of the study were published in PLoS One.

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