Monday , April 19 2021

Who hurried for April 1: “Volkswagen” apologizes for the mistake with the name change – World

Rebranding companies "Volkswagen" in the US, which the company declared an unintentional mistake and apologized.

Renaming Volkswagen in the United States, which the company declared an unintentional mistake and apologized.

The American division of Volkswagen apologized today for issuing a false message that the name of the company will be changed – a mistake that was sharply criticized on social networks.

This happens hours before April 1 – a day of jokes in which companies allow themselves to be teased with deceptive messages about themselves, which are usually considered untrue because they are too unbelievable.

However, it has now been announced that the company will be called in the United States Voltswagen from America, because by renaming “Voltsvagen” the goal was to draw attention to efforts to switch to electric cars, the company explained.

“We apologize if we have disappointed some people and regret the confusion we have created,” the statement said.

Volkswagen has not yet cleared up the scandal with fraud surrounding its diesel car emissions, and this has been exploited by its critics. “VW is lying about selling diesel, now they are lying about selling electric cars,” the Automotive News blog wrote. “They seem to think that lying to the public is an acceptable corporate strategy,” the paper added.

The message did not seem like an unintentional mistake, as it appeared on the website and was accompanied by tweets and reports from Reuters and other world agencies. It had a detailed description of the rebranding and even a new logo.

The company withdrew the text late Tuesday.

“The renaming was supposed to be a message in the spirit of the April Fool’s jokes, highlighting the beginning of a fully electric SUV, as well as our determination to provide everyone with electric mobility,” a VW spokesman said.

A Volkswagen spokesman in Germany only said rebranding was a “good idea”.

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