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14 days Fortnite Event: Challenges and Awards Day 12 (Season 7, Week 3)

We are now on day 12 of Fortune events in Epic's favorite battle of royale games, which means that a new challenge and reward is available. That's not all, of course; From now on until January 2, Fortnight on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices can jump into new ones and return for a limited time, buy seasonal clothing from the game store, and even earn daily prizes.

In addition to the already mentioned LTMs, Epic offers a new challenge every day for 14 days of Fortune events, which will allow you a free season reward after finishing. If you manage to complete all 14 challenges from the event, you will also unlock a very special mysterious item.

Epic Unveils 14 Day Stalemate Challenges Day by Day, so we will round off a list of all the events from the events and rewards you get for completing them while they're discovered. Every day, check here every day of the event as we update the list of challenges, rewards and tips to get them when they are available.

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The first 14 days of Fortune's challenge is simple. You will simply have to create or join a server in a new creative game mode that allows players to create their own games and play as they find fit in their private games. Once you do, you will unlock the first daily event award: a decoration spray containing the letters "GG".

Another challenge is a little more complicated. This is asking you to visit two giant bombons. Only a few are scattered around the map, three of which are in the new snowbound, making this area the best choice to complete the challenge. See their locations below. When you complete the challenge, you will earn a new download screen.

  • At the top of the mountain north of Frosty Flights
  • At the top of the hill east of Shifty Shafts
  • At the top of the snowy hill west of the Fatal Field
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The challenge of the third day, just like Day 1, is very simple; All you have to do is play three matches of any game with a friend. When you finish all three, you will unlock the third day prize: the new Snowball Toy.

Day 4 will require you to put your target on a test by launching snowballs on enemies. All you have to do is hit the target player with the snowball in four different matches and you are golden. Meanwhile for Day 5 you will need to purchase one of the new X-4 Stormwing aircraft and drive it through five gold rings. Finally, for Day 6, you will have to go near water bodies and find the nest and nest eggs in them. There is a lot, but you only need to communicate with six.

For Day 7, this is another simple one: Use Boogie Bombs or presents seven times, and in turn you will get a wonderful Gingerbread pet to carry around while you are battling royale adventure on the island. Meanwhile, Day 8 is a challenge you probably can only end by playing several games. It requires players to damage enemies with eight different weapons.

In Day 9 you will have to visit nine Christmas trees and make boogie in front of them. For your problems you will get a banner of Snow Globe. If you want a Stormwing vacation spray, you will have to grab the vehicle and perform the trick in 10 different names of the 10 day challenge spots. In Day 11, you will have to show your gratitude to the driver of Battle Bus and thank you in 11 different matches.

For Day 12, you will have to catch 12 ornamental flakes and relieve your anger on them. In return, you will get an Emoticon for the Snowflake.

In addition to everyday challenges, Epic will have a range of new and limited backlogs during the 14 day Fortune event. They will often change during the event; according to the performer, "big team modes" will be changed every 48 hours, while "small team modes" will be changed every 24 hours.

14 days challenge

  1. Start or join the Creative Server (1) – "GG" Ornament spray
  2. Visit Giant Cannons (2) – Winter Fill Screen
  3. Game Match with a Friend (3) – Snowball Toy
  4. Hit the snowball player in different matches (4) – Emoticon Snowboard
  5. Fly through the gold rings in the plane X-4 Stormwing (5) – Fighting crown
  6. Look for the nest with the water bucket (6) – the crank loading screen
  7. Use Boogie Bombs or Gifts (7) – Gingerbread Pet
  8. Pests opponents with different weapons (8) – Happy Munchkin Pet
  9. Play in front of various holiday trees (9) – Banner Snow Globe
  10. Land trick in the vehicle at different named locations (10) – Holiday Stormwing spray
  11. Thanks to the driver of the bus in different matches (11) – Frozen Ax
  12. Destroy snowflake ornaments (12) – emoticon flakes

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