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2 adults, 3 children go to hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning

Five people are airplanes divided into Vancouver for treatment after they are carbon monoxide poisoned at Barriere, B.C. on Thursday.

Before Christ, the Emergency Health Service said that two patients had grown up and three children.

BCEHS spokesman Shannon Miller said that two machine emergency ambulances and two air ambulances were shipped to the house just before 7:30 PM PT on Thursday.

Patient conditions were not released.

The barrier, located 66 kilometers north of Kamloops, has about 1700 inhabitants.

Two adults and three children were aired in Vancouver for treatment on Thursday. (Barriere first answers)

13 poisoned in Vancouver

On Wednesday, 13 people at the Vancouver office were taken to the hospital for an incident involving poison-free gas, odorless and odorless.

Twelve were released from Vancouver General Hospital by Wednesday evening. Fifteen. One day, one person – the most serious injury – remained in a stable hospital.

VGH is the only hospital in the province with a hyperbaric chamber used to treat carbon monoxide poisoning.

Breathing in too much carbon monoxide can kill a person for a few minutes because gas replaces oxygen in the blood.

The hyperbaric chamber provides oxygen therapy to lower the gas in the blood, causing the oxygen to develop properly.

Dr. Bruce Campana, one of the doctors who treated 13 people poisoned on Wednesday, called him "crazy" weekly treatment.

He said 17 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning have been known in the last few weeks.

Boilers and other heating devices can discharge gas if they are defective or if they are improperly installed.

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