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2 dead after the train hit the car – BC News

Residents of Vavenby have been issued a health warning that they will not use water after the tractor trailer crashed and sheded diesel in the North Thompson River on Sunday.

Internal health advises residents to check the signs of fuel contamination in their water.

Residents who swim from the North Thompson River, 10 miles south of Avole and the mouth of the North Thompson and Clearwater rivers, will be careful and check their water for any sign of diesel fuel.

"The Avola community's plumbing system is pulled out of the Avola stream, which has not been hit by this incident," a spokeswoman for internal health said.

Residents should not use river water if they smell or taste fuel.

"This means we should not drink, shower or brush your teeth if the scent of fuel is discovered," the spokesman said.

The TNRD says that boiling water will not make it safe and all water users are advised to continue using water in bottles.

A bottle of water and water with a belt will be secured in the Vatican Fire Department for residents of the Vavenby Community Water System.

It is not clear how long the order will last, and the Ministry of the Environment monitors the situation and cooperates with the environmental consultant.

For further information, residents can call TNRD at 1-866-377-7188.


UPDATE: 11:30 PM

The police investigate after the vehicle hit an older couple and hit the train.

The pair died after a car hit a Sunday morning.

Staff Sgt. David Brown with RCL from Langley says the incident occurred on Sunday morning at the intersection where traffic often occurs.

"Blinking lights and hands so it's hard to understand why the car should stop on the rails," he said. "A couple is older, who may have contributed to the accident."

He says the investigators are still trying to figure out how the car ended on rails between two traffic guns that prevent vehicles from approaching when the train comes.

Brown says the vehicle was "pulled" by the CN train.

He says police have come to find a couple in medical trouble.

They gave the CPR a pair, but they both died at the crime scene.

– with files from the Canadian Press

ORIGINAL: 11 am in the morning

The older couple are dead after their car hit a train in Langley.

Police say to CTV News that the vehicle seems to be jammed on the track when it hit the train that drove west.

This incident occurred just before 10:00 am near the Langley and Glover Road boulevards.

The hospitals were on the spot, and the police talked to the witnesses.

– files with CTV Vancouver

December 30, 2018 / 6:57 PM | Story:

The Federal Liberal Party chose the owner of the living as a challenger against NDP leader Jagmitta Singh in the upcoming election in Lowerland.

Karen Wang, who owns the Angels Playhouse, previously ran the selection in provinces in 2017 with B.C. Liberal, was named Liberal candidate at a Burnaby nomination meeting on Saturday.

He won the biotechnology scientist Cyrus Eduljee, a product manager for Stemcell Technologies, after having voted 123 members.

"I'm so excited and so honored I was chosen here," Wang said before reading a song written by a Chinese poet.

"My eyes are full of tears because I love this country so deeply," the song started.

Wang told reporters that he believes he has what is needed for Singha, since he has been in the car for 20 years and has strong ties to the community.

"He is not from our local community. He can not represent you, represent us," she said.

"I believe we will have a good chance of winning at Burnaby South, because now I believe I am very familiar with our community. I am one of the people here."

Wang said that its top three priorities would be to improve housing availability by increasing bids, opening new jobs, and improving public transport.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not yet appointed the election date in Burnaby South, which was left by former New Democrat MP Kennedy Stewart, now the mayor of Vancouver. Trudeau is expected to call on Burnaby South, Outremont, Que, early next year. York-Simcoe, Ont.

The election, expected in February, marks Sing's biggest political test so far, and he is also trying to calm party fears of fundraising, the fall in polls and the growing list of veteran advocates who say they will not compete in 2019.

Singh said he was planning to focus on a campaign in rallies over the course of the following month to be able to check the "selected" list of obligations for the critical year of the campaign.

At federal elections in 2015, NDP won Burnaby South for just over 500 votes.

A party leader who can not win a place usually goes aside, although this did not happen in the 1940s. Singh will not tell what he will do if he loses.

Corporate lawyer Jay Shin is running for conservatives in choice, while Green Party chairman Elizabeth May said Green will not run for candidate.

Canada's People's Party Maxime Bernier plans to nominate a candidate for the next two weeks, said spokeswoman Martin Masse. Since the party is new and only recently established associations of the constituencies in the race, the candidate will not be elected through the typical nomination process.


December 30, 2018 to 6:50 pm | Story:

Former British legislator in British Columbia, who has become a viceroy in the province, has died.

V. The government says Barb McLintock has died in 68 years of complications associated with recent thyroid cancer diagnosis.

McLintock joined Coroners after covering provincial politics for provincial newspapers.

She served as a coroner for 14 years, first as an investigative coroner in early 2004 and then as the first coroner of strategic programs, including communication and media relations.

On Twitter, Prime Minister John Horgan called McLintock "a supremo journalist and civil servant," saying "the world has lost a wonderful soul".

Major Coroner Lisa Lapointe has published a statement stating that McLintock will be remembered for "her narrative skills, her unbelievable sense of duty and public service, as well as her kindness and deliberate works."


Trans-Canadian freeway is reopened overnight, reports DriveBC.

UPDATE: 16:00

The Fraser Canyon highway north of Boston Bar is closed on Saturday due to overcrowded power lines.

Closure of the Highway 1 is 20 kilometers north of Boston Bar.

With overdue power lines, several large stone boulders fall off the highway.

Emil Anderson Maintenance Co. said on Twitter that he had cleaned several small rocks in the canyon during the day, as BC Hydro works to repair downhill lines.

Overhead power lines have reduced power to more than 500 homes in this area.

DriveBC does not have the time when the freeway will reopen.

UPDATE: 14:15

Motorway 3 is now open after the avalanche control closed the transition for several hours on Saturday morning.

The avalanche control is still scheduled to close the Trans Canada Canal Highway west of Revelstoke for two hours, starting at 7 PM.

ORIGINAL: 10 am in the morning

Powerful snow over the night overnight forced the temporary closure of the Kootenay Passa while crews were working to alleviate the avalanche danger in the area.

The length of Highway 3, stretching 15.7 kilometers, between the Avalanche West Gate and the Avalanche Awnings, was closed on Saturday morning for avalanche control.

DriveBC estimates that the freeway will be reopened until noon.

Later tonight, it is expected that the Trans-Canadian freeway will be temporarily closed for avalanche control.

From Griffin Lake Avalanche Gate to the Clanwilliam OH Bridge, west of Revelstoke, Highway 1 is expected to be closed from 7 to 9 am.

UPDATE: 21:30 h

Highway 1 in Golden was cleaned, DriveBC claims.

Follow this link for updates all night, as the area was subject to periodic closing from late afternoon.

UPDATE: 20:50 hours

A 1.5-mile belt near Golden on Highway 1 was again closed.

In the last few hours it has been opened and closed several times.

The case of the vehicle shortly after 16 hours. close down the highway. DriveBC now reports that they are closed again in both directions.

Update is not expected again after 11 hours.

UPDATE: 19:30.

Highway 1 was cleared in both directions between Anderson Road and 11th Street Northa for a 1.5-mile stretch near Golden.

UPDATE: 18:25

Motorway 1 near the Golden is again closed.

There is no word yet when it will reopen.

UPDATE: 18:00

DriveBC reports that the highway is now running on one-way, one-way traffic at a 1.5-km-long stake near Golden.

The next update is expected at 19 o'clock.


1.5 km of highway section 1 of the Golden is closed due to vehicle incident.

The incident occurred between Anderson Road and 11 North Northa.

There is no estimate of re-opening time, as the evaluation is in progress. The next update will be around 18 hours. PST.

A policeman in Salmon Arm arrested a man who had been proclaimed a police officer since mid-December.

Jason Ross Cameron, 41, was wanted for interruption, entry and theft, possession of property gained over $ 5,000 and theft of a motor vehicle.

He was arrested and taken into custody without incident on December 28, when members of RCMP Salmon Arm Squad were stationed by Cameron.

The RCMP would like to thank the members of the public who provided information on Cameron's residence. They say public information was key to catching that wanted man.

A restaurant in downtown Vancouver was thrown out of a commercial kitchen where she cooked soups after a disturbing incident allegedly found in one of her meals on Thursday.

The Chowdery Cancer Park, where a cooked rat was found, used the nearby Mamie Taylor restaurant to make soups. Coast Guard inspectors in Vancouver closed Mamie Taylor on Friday as a response to the release on social networks showing that the ripper was taken out of the chowdery bread bowl.

On Saturday, Mamie Taylor received a clear opportunity for reopening, and owner Ron Oliver announced that it would terminate the relationship with chowdery, according to CTV News.

"It's nice to feel like I was confirmed, that was not a problem in us, but at the same time, [Friday] It was a very difficult day, "Oliver said.

He gripped the chowdery criticism for lack of purity standards.

"Restaurants should not be messy, especially when preparing food, but it is very important that cleanliness is of the utmost importance." There were several issues about keeping things neat and organized that were addressed and solved, but they are on the go, "he said.

Oliver added that Mamie Taylor did not use the same basement kitchen chowdery worked in his separate main floor.

Coward Park Chowdery's Ashton Phillips told CTV on Friday that he was in shock for the entire incident.

"We've gone through rigorous and rigorous jobs to ensure the best possible health and safety standards."

Vancouver Coastal Health confirmed that rodent signs, including feces, were present during the Chowdery inspection in February, but that issue was solved later that month, and more signs were not in April or October.

with files from CTV Vancouver

UPDATE: 4:30 PM.

The three snowmobilers who missed near Revelstoke got their snow sleighs in the snow.

Revelstoke RCMP says immediately after five o'clock on Saturday, Ryan Pyper from Red Deer, Alta, and Braydon Kennedy and Todd Kennedy from Sylvan Lake, Alta, were informed. he had not heard of last morning.

With field crews and a helicopter, Revelstoke Search and Rescue found three men around 15 o'clock. on Boulder Mountain.

The men were taken to the Boulder Mountain cabin to get warm and did not require any medical help.

Revelstoke RCMP warns backcountry users to have the appropriate equipment when entering the mountains, traveling in groups, and being prepared to spend the night.

UPDATE: 15:10 hours

The search for three missing motor sleds near Revelstoke ended happily on Saturday.

Ryan Pyper, Braydon Kennedy, and Todd Kennedy were found unidentified at Boulder Mountain after the search crew spent most of the morning and early afternoon looking for them.

At this point it is unclear what caused them to get stuck in the mountains overnight, but a significant amount of snow fell in that area on Friday and the visibility was low.


Search and rescue crews search for an area near Revelstoke on Saturday, after the three snowmobiles have not returned from a trip on Friday.

Ryan Pyper, Braydon Kennedy, and Todd Kennedy came to Revelstoke from Alberta on Thursday night and the next morning they went on a sledding to the nearby Boulder Mountain. The area is a popular toboggan run.

On Saturday morning, Pyperina's wife Rozanne sent her to Facebook, saying they had not heard them from Friday morning. Since then, a male truck was found in the sledding car park at Boulder Mountain.

This afternoon in Rozanne says the helicopter was searching for an area of ​​four hours, but apparently there is poor visibility in the area.

"My family and I appreciate your love and support that is pouring in," Rozanne said. "We are close and very positive."

Rozanne's first Facebook post was split over 10,000 times.

December 29 2018 to 12:39 pm | Story:

BC Hydro says all buyers who have lost power in the mighty storm in southwestern British Columbia should be rebuilt until the New Year, as the northern and eastern parts of the province are prepared for more winter storms.

The crews have renewed power for more than 700,000 customers since the storm struck on December 20, and about 650 buyers on the Gulf Islands remained silent on Saturday.

BC Hydro says that many of the southern islands of the Gulf were most heavily affected, and the storm destroyed hundreds of pipelines, pillars, cross weapons and transformers, and left the roads completely covered with trees and vegetation.

Vancouver Island sailors were sent to the Gulf Islands to assist in the reconstruction efforts, and more than 80 crew members were supposed to work there on Saturday.

BC Hydro says he hopes to return Bruce Peak, Galian, Mayne and Saturn on Saturday to Salt Spring on Sunday and Park Island on Monday.

Environment Canada has warned of winter storms and snow on Saturday for eastern British Columbia from Fort Nelson in the north to the eastern Columbia and Shuswap in the south, and some 30 centimeters of snow is expected in some areas before the weather system is moved to Alberta.

29 December 2018 to 12:20 pm | Story:

V. Lottery Corp. says a winning ticket for the Lotto Max jackpot worth $ 39.5 million on Friday night was purchased in southern Delta.

The Crown Corporation says that one winning chart corresponded to all seven numbers from across Canada.

It is said that the specific retail location at which the ticket will be sold will be released after the winner comes out.

All lottery winners have 52 weeks from the draw date printed at their ticket to sign up for their prize.

Jackpot or Maxmillion prizes for Lotto Max are one at 28,633,528 per game.

The jackpot for the next draw of Lotto Max on January 4 will be around $ 10 million.

The pedestrian was hit by a bus and was severely injured in Surrey.

The RCMP, after a collision that occurred at 7:20 pm, closed the intersection at 152. Street and 68th Avenue in Newton.

Police say the victim's injuries are serious and potentially life-threatening.

From the public, it is sought to avoid this area until the police continue the investigation.

All traffic to the south on the 152nd of the 72nd Avenue was blocked, and all traffic to the north from 66th.

All of the witnesses are asked to contact Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.

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