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5 Takeaways from Earl Sweatshirt's New Album, some rap songs

With a name like Some Rap Songs, Earl Sweatshirt is very obviously superior to the rap industry of art. It's authentic, no tricks, but in a way that does not try to draw attention to its authenticity. Earl called his last album, 2015 I do not like it, I'm not going out, his dissertation about himself, but he obviously does not try to put a similar burden on this record. Marking in the simplest terms lies against the hype surrounding it without jeopardizing its severity. To really put it in your simplest sentence: He is deep in his bag.

In the last three years I do not like it, I'm not going out, much has happened in Earl's life: his father died earlier this year, pushing for a visit to Johannesburg and re-connecting with his family; lost his long-time associate and friend Mac Miller and encouraged links with the new MC community. The album is a reflection of not only permanent maturity, but re-calibration: a renewed commitment to discovering personal and universal truths and confirming his joy for the song in search of comfort. The record is far from the earliest of the earls so far, but is embellished with quick-cutting patterns, heavy loopholes that make it weak. Here are five things you need to listen to in the first few turns Some Rap Songs.

"I'm with MIKE and Honey"

Always a Collective Member, Earl Sweatshirt, has created collaborative relationships and meaningful friendships with a new class of minded people. He names more of these players Some Rap Songs, and that is not a coincidence. The shoulder belts and rolling of rollers with these types – mostly – New Yorkers – had a significant impact on his music. Characters include genres and classics.

There is Navy Blue (or Sage Elsesser), a pro skater turned a rapper accented with art direction on I do not like it, I'm not going out, who used to be Earl's sustanar (Sage has a verse on this record); MIKE, an introspective teenager from the Bronx, who became a member of Earl's mentor after OF had bought one of his early mixtapes online and got a personal thank you back; Medhane, a Brooklyn rapper who is half a duo of Medslaus with producer Slauson Malone of Jaska Marsalis; Mach-Hommy, the mysterious repertoire of Jersey for which Earl produced the beats; Gio Escobar, which as the frontman of the Corner Bound makes music that encompasses the whole of black and brown diaspora. Some guests, others were just in his thoughts or around during her creation, but these artists obviously had a profound influence Some Rap Songs, You can hear him in his schedule: in some songs he is cold and calculating as Mach, it is almost analytical in his precision; in others, he is equally emotional and self-sufficient as MIKE. This gives it a unique perspective to a new dimension.

Earl pushes toward the new sound

For that purpose, a sound palette Some Rap Songs He is also very much in charge of those Earl has been surrounded by the last few years: Denmark Vessey, standing on the corner, Black Noi, Boolean, and Adé Hakim all contributed to the music on the album. Some of the production is not far from the kind of Earl he did to Machu. In all likelihood, it seems that the tape borrowed its musical characters from the post-genre of SoTC Red burns project, MIKE fragmentation May God bless your sorrow, and Knxweds' glamorous but earthy tile. The beats are firmly drawn, as Earl describes Vult as a "snake eating a tail". Most of them call on something vintage hip-hop feeling. Unlike smooth sounds IDLS, IDGO, which sometimes looked almost without light, Some Rap Songs is a variety of explosions, an experience that does not differ from clicking through different images in View-Master. The type of structure in the form of clip and twitchy movement, the collection of recordings in a long piece, was born from the link.

Cut to Chase

The short songs this year have downloaded many rap albums, mostly because of lazy writing and streaming that rewards a long album. Ali Earl is not a stranger to keep him short and sweet: shortness and precision were strengths in 2015 I do not like it, I'm not going outHe once said, "Flexibility is able to say the most with the smallest number of words." He applies his philosophy of effectiveness to this 15-minute 25-minute album by keeping many songs in two minutes. It's a product of musicians focused on an album that is still worth listening to. A long time, rightly called "Loosie", packs back from the back to the silent, seemingly falling on Earl's middle. By the end of "The Veins," he almost uncovered the whole bounty of Earl Sweatshirt.

Family Relationships

Most cuts Some Rap Songs they wrote before the death of Earl's father Keorapetse Kgositsile, but even those who did not work because of mourning reflect his family. On "Playing the Oposum," the clips of both parents say they are publicly covered with each other. His mother is present throughout the document, often in some kind of support. "Time to get better, that's what my mom says," continues "Azucar," she adds, "My mom said she saw my dad in me."

Many songs pointing to Kgositsile largely avoid breaking up a complex relationship with a son. The exception is "Peanut", where Earl reconciles her father's loss before they have had an opportunity to break their problems. The song is one of the most impressive moments of the album, written with clear clarity. "Wiping the grave, could not help but felt out of place / bless my pops, we sent it off, not the late clock / still in shock, it knocked my heart somewhere in the range." In a statement earlier this month, Earl opened the door to seek closure. "Not taking that moment to leave me to understand a lot with my damned self," he said. There's still a lot to figure out.

Significant earl-isms

  • "Bad Apples, Everyday Conflict with My Relationship / Bad Acid, Damn My Mental / Safe That You're Right, They Need Some Scripture to Be Born / Called Wilder than Geta" (From "December 24")
  • "I do not know what to say" because I do not find the bags, I stay in them / see you shoot, but your corners are garbage, do not play with us "(From" Ontheway! ")
  • "It's really when you seal the letters with wax, shit has changed now the checks we see is handsome / real Mike Willie shit, we went gorillas, they really gave up the ransom / you dumb, my tax bad blood, doing the dashes and pulling fast "(From The Bends)
  • "Tummy My Pain and Smell My Brain" (From "Cold Summer")
  • "Peace to my Dirty Drinking Water / No One Trying to Clean Me / No one tells me I'm sinking / Nobody tells me I can go" (From "Shattered Dreams")
  • "Every nigga that trippin around me serves as a reminder that / I have to watch my step / hold it quietly as it has kept / I think I have spent most of my life depressed / The only thing about my mind was to die / No knew if my time was the following / Try to fine-tune this shit, I redefined / first I had to find "(From" Nowhere2go ")

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