Saturday , May 15 2021

A ten-year indictment against the UCP candidate is at the center of attention before the election in Alberta

The provincial NDP draws attention to the ten-year incident in which Jason Nixon, now a UCP candidate, was charged with assault after an alleged controversy over an Alberta woman.

In 2009, Allison Gentry, who lives in Cremona, Alta. he reported to the police on the alleged incident involving Jason Nixon before he was the headquarters of the MLA and the UCP candidate for riding in the pet home – Sundre at Rimbey-Rocky Mountain, resulting in a charge of assault. The prosecution was withdrawn, but a peace agreement was introduced.

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Gentry's statement speaks of the conflict between her and Nixon, which she says happened when she patroled around the area around her estate. Her statement states that there are signs that prohibit hunting in this area.

The statement states that men at that time had long pistols to hunt with them. Gentry, who said he stayed in the car, claimed that Nixon was verbally and physically aggressive, and felt endangered and helpless.

Her statement was sent on Sunday to the media in the NDP, along with Gentry's video with details of her statements.

At the time of the alleged incident, he did not know who Nixon was, said Gentry on Sunday. She said to talk to people about what had happened for years.

"Time is, of course, doubtful – this is the last week before the election, but I can not say I did not speak to my neighbors and talked about it," she said in a telephone conversation.

"Almost everyone I've been talking to, you know, over the last few years, just in an inaccessible conversation or, you know, you're discussing things, leaning on the back door," she said.

Gentry said she had no interest in "shilling for any side" of the political spectrum.

A video shot by NDP Alberto, in which Allison Gentry gives details of his charges against Jason Nixon. (Supplied NDP)

In February 2011, Nixon signed a one-year peace bond for charges related to the alleged injury / damage claim.

"On or about February 17, 2011, or around that date, in or near Didsbury, Alberta, it caused Allison Gentry afraid that Jason John Nixon would cause bodily injury to what Jason John Nixon did on the 6th day of November 2009 in or near Cremona, Alberta, is hurt by Allison Gentry, which causes Allison Gentry to fear that fear is in violation of Article 810 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada, "according to a peacekeeper.

Addressing reporters on Sunday in Edmonton, Nixon denied Gentry's version of the event.

"These are the old claims that are already completely and completely discredited. The allegations are a complete lie. I have statements by several witnesses who were present and can confirm it," Nixon said.

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UCP provided the media with testimonies of Earl Anderson and John Garvey, who confirmed Nixon's version of the event.

Nixon denied that he was in Gentry's estate.

"The courts were clear and the process was brought by Mrs. Gentry, and the courts have withdrawn it," Nixon said.

He said the signing of the peace agreement was not a confession of his guilt.

Peace bonds require signatures to follow the law and stay in good standing. In this case, he also ordered Nixon to stay outside the gentry's property.

Nixon said UCP leader Jason Kenney was aware of the withdrawal of the charges.

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