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Airplane overturned in the lake – West Kelowna News

Alanna Kelly

UPDATE: 19:40

Police reported that planes were dropped into Lake Okanagan under the Sunnyside road in western Kelowni, now found and secured by officers.

RCMP Cpl. Jesse O & Donaghey confirms that the pilot, the 72-year-old man Alberta and his lonely passenger, a 59-year-old man, was taken to the General Hospital of Kelowna with indefinite but not life-threatening injuries.

"At this moment, an accident is not considered a crime," says Donaghey.

"As such, the RCMP has since announced and continues to support the Canada's Traffic Safety Council, which has launched an investigation into the incident in aviation."

UPDATE: 18:40

Both passengers on the plane landing in Lake Okanagan after landing on Monday afternoon was taken to the General Hospital of Kelowna with what is described as a minor injury.

RCMP Const. Mike Gillis says the extent of these injuries is unknown.

Gillis told the Castanet News aircraft that it was designed to land on water and on hard surfaces.

He said the airplane wheels had fallen instead of when the pilot tried to land on the water.

Wheels caught, pushing the nose of the aircraft.

Firefighters bring some parts of the plane to the shore, however, it may seem that a towing truck might be needed to try to remove the bulk of the plane.

UPDATE: 17:55

Reverse N84GJ reverse lookup indicates that the aircraft is an amphibious icon A5.

It is possible to land on land or on water, but police at the scene say the collision occurred during the landing on the wheel. The airplane "crossed over" when the wheels hit the water.

The aircraft is owned by International Air Services from Carson City, Nevada.

The pilot was a resident of Alberta, the police said.

The injuries of both persons were negligible in the decline.

UPDATE: 4:45 pm

Two people on a light aircraft overturned in Lake Okanagan were taken to the emergency hospital, confirmed by police officers.

Police and firefighters are on the scene, and the plane remains in the water.


Rescue teams are on the verge of overturned aircraft at Lake Okanagan.

The small plane can be seen upside down in the water near the shore, below the Sunnyside road in western Kelowni.

Journalist Castanet Alanna Kelly is on stage and will provide more details.


Alanna Kelly

Chloe Howe and her boyfriend were bikers in West Kelowne when she accidentally fell and found themselves in a scary situation.

The 26-year-old girl from England broke the tibia and the fibula and had to rescue her from the Bear Creek Provincial Park on Saturday.

"It was somehow scary, I honestly do not know what to do without them," she said.

Now he wants to thank people who have saved her life.

Things went wrong around 13:30. when Howe walked down one of the tracks

"It was free pebble and I just grabbed too much of the front brakes, lost the front and the way I landed … broke my leg right now," she remembers.

Her boyfriend hurried and said her leg was in the wrong direction, and he raised the bike and "jumped around".

Fortunately, they had cellular receptions and could have called for help, but it would take almost an hour for the central Okanagan quest and rescue to find.

After they found her, she was in pain, and they worked her to drive her through the tracks to the emergency wagon.

"They put me in this soft bag and put me in a rider, I do not know how to lower it in any other way," Howe said. "I was so uncomfortable, I was terrified."

Howe said she could not thank everyone and thanks them to the hospital, not to the trail.

She stays in the hospital, waits for the operation and says the accident brought her closer to her boyfriend.

"He had the same injury … he was on his right leg," she said, smiling. "Most people have the appropriate ring or shirt, but no, we have the right injury and hardware in our legs."

The City of West Kelowna asks its residents for solutions to the social issues faced by the community.

The city asks residents and businessmen to share concerns and possible solutions to crime, crashes, drug use, and other "disruptive behaviors" in the city center and surrounding quarters.

Mayor Gord Milsom, who led the initiative, says people suffering from drug addiction and alcohol, mental health and homelessness create some negative impacts on local businesses, residents, and local authorities.

"Some in the community are not aware of the temporary shelter at Brown Road, or some of the initiatives some people take in the city," Mils said.

Coun. Jayson Zilkie adds that homeless people do not understand the changes that have been made.

While the councilors will attend the City Hall, they will be there only as observers.

However, this did not stop the Coun. Doug Findlater did not make a contribution at the council meeting Tuesday.

Findlater has admitted that problems with "sketched characters" in the Westbank center for many years but says it has exponentially grown since the shelter opened in Brown Road in December.

"Even if everyone in the shelter angel, he became attractive," said Findlater.

"People come to this area that are unpleasant characters, hidden characters, they affect work, they affect people who go there."

Findlater says he is encouraged by the positive things that are happening in the city center, such as new construction companies appearing but thinks current issues can keep people away.

"There is no ideal place for shelter, but I think there are worse locations than others."

"I think this is worse than anywhere else in the area that is somewhat depressing, and I think we have to make the priority move to move the shelter to another place."

The City Hall is scheduled for Thursday, June 27 at 6 pm. until 21 pm at Westbank Lions Community Center.


Music in the Park returns to the Memorial Park in West Kelowni later this month.

The series of free night concerts starts on Friday, June 28th.

As in the previous years, three performances will be performed each night, an emerging artist, performer and headliner.

The Insiders, the Kelowna party band, will be the front page of the premiere. They will join them on the stage of Anika Ellis and the introductory work of J.S. Garcia Band.

The title in July includes nominees for Juno's Nuela Charles Award (July 5) and Crystal Shawanda (July 26), Juno's award-winning artist for the music album of the year.

Music at the Park will not take place on July 12 to make room for this year's Westside Daze. An additional show will be added on Saturday, July 27th.

Food trucks will also be available on the ground.

The shows start at 6:30 every night.

Peachland's mother is furious after she reveals, while driving, that her walnuts are loose in her car.

Odin Skovgaard says he was driving off Highway 97 with his three-year-old daughter when he heard a weird noise on Sunday.

When she removed her foot from the gas, she heard "tune, tune, noise".

"I was not comfortable and I wanted to go home and check," she said.

Her husband checked the car and nearly all the nuts on both front tires were loosened.

"I'm full of anger now," she said.

Two car seats were in the back of the car on Saturday night when they thought the cripple was loosening the nuts. Skovgaard says the car was parked in their car park at Clarence Road.

"I'm just angry someone would do with the car seat in my back," she said.

Another resident of Peachland said that on Saturday morning a vehicle on Bertram Street was also liquefied.

"Rubber did not come right away because it had a lock nut that held it," Sheila Topham said.

The appearance of similar incidents occurred in May and prompted the police to ask the residents to check their vehicles before the drive. Criminals also rewarded $ 2,000 for information about this crime.

Anyone with any information can also contact RCMP at 250-762-3300.

Drivers at the Okanagan connector should pay attention to a vehicle that turned on Sunday afternoon.

The driver contacted Castanet just before 14:00. saying the van was on his side near the Pennask summit.

"It happened a little ahead of me as though it might have been cut off," said Brian Mosychuk.

It seems that everyone has managed to get out of the vehicle and it is not clear whether they have suffered any injury.

RCMP volunteers want to ensure that your ship has everything you need for a safe adventure on the water.

RCMP Volunteer Workers in West Kelowni will be launching ships all over West Kelowne today, carrying out voluntary ship safety inspections.

"This will be the second year when our volunteers provide this program of education and raising awareness to sailors," says Roy Morgan, Coordinator for Crime Prevention.

"This is just a voluntary check, which gives the operator the ability to correct all the disadvantages they might have before launching."

Volunteers will be set up to launch the Gellatly Boat next to the yacht club all summer, assisting in previewing the safety pre-launches required for the pleasure of pleasure craft.

"The program will help the ship's operator with any interaction later that day with the RCMP ship and its members at Lake Okanagan," says Cpl. Jesse O & # 39; Donaghey

"The RCMP running on the water is concerned about your safety, and they also ask the shipping company not to consume alcohol while steering the boat on our waterways."

Volunteers will also check ships and trailers for signs of invasive quagga and zebra mites after training recently by the BC Invasive Mussel Defense program inspector.

There will be more explosions in the area around Pinot Noir Drive in West Kelowni.

The city has issued a new six-month license to T & A Rockworks for an explosion over the Upper Vineyard Estates development.

Continuation is effective 25. June and allows further development of a division corridor in the Pinot Noir Drive area.

Mining is only allowed on working days from 8:30 to 16:30.

As part of the WorkSafeBC requirement, the safety sirens must be good before the explosion and after they have cleaned the area clean. During mining activities, vibration and air pressure monitoring will be performed.

UPDATE 1:17 pm

The 97 C highway was re-opened after a serious crash involving bikers who did not arrive after 8 am on Thursday morning.
Traffic investigators spent the morning watching the scene.

Reports from the venue show that the biker could be a female in her forties. There is still no word about her condition, but the RCMP indicates she was in serious condition when she was taken to the hospital.

UPDATE: 11:40 AM

The 97C highway in the west remains closed at the exit of highway 97 at this time of the hour, after a serious collision of the cyclist.


Exit on the highway 97C west to Merrit off the highway 97 remains closed.

Emergency crews are on the scene and point to serious injuries to cyclists.

West Highway 97 C off West Kelowne is closed, and traffic is backed up. The police also refuses drivers and predicts that the area will be closed for several hours.

Experts on the reconstruction of traffic are on the scene.

The RCMP advises drivers to follow DriveBC and use an alternative route.

Police also look for any footage and eyewitnesses to assist in their investigation.

UPDATE 9:15 am

Reports from the collision site on the 97 highway at the Okanagan connector show that the ambulance has now left the scene.

At the front of the traffic station there is a semi-trailer trailer, and traffic stops at the exit for Hwy 97C.


Castanet has received several reports of collision on the 97 highway near the Okanagan Connector.

Initial reports indicate that a bicycle may be hit and traffic is backed up.

We will have more information when they become available.

Alanna Kelly

Concerned drivers called the police on Tuesday after they noticed a man walking on the highway 97, pulling two suitcases.

A man on a highway near the Princeton avenue in Peachland can see vehicles that are heard only after 17 o'clock.

The movie taken by a resident nearby shows a police cruiser driving behind a man and things are turning unexpectedly.

"The cop found out that a man returned home to South Okanagan after moving temporarily to the central Okanagan," Cpl said. Jesse O & # 39; Donaghey.

There are two police officers who talk to a man, who would have had a handy pull-out exercise at a temperature of 26 degrees.

One can see a cop who opens the trunk, and because of his concern for human security, offers him a ride to Penticton.

"Our emergency patients are also human beings," said O & Donaghey.

"I hope the gentleman will remember this as a positive experience and provide a good story to tell his friends and family for years."

There was no bus transport in Okanagan south of West Kelowne since Greyhound retired from BC.

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