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Alberta takes steps to ban heavy duty at the workplace

EDMONTON – Alberta has taken steps to prohibit employers from requiring people to wear high heels at work.

Labor Minister Christina Gray says the province has amended the Health and Safety Code which currently allows employers to wear high shoes.

"Our government has the back of every worker, and today we are also dealing with our feet," Gray said on Friday.

Ontario and British Columbia forbade the mandatory high heels of 2017, and Manitoba did this year. Alberta's changes take effect on January 1st.

Gray said she had heard of servers who said that high heels caused the pain and placed them at risk of falling and falling.

Lisa Caputo, co-owner of Food Bistro in Edmonton, said her previous experience in the catering industry had two heels.

"Almost half of my industrial career in the workplace that required insecure and unpleasant footwear left my feet in the form of diamonds I wear eight to 10 o'clock," she said.

He had not had to wear a heel for eight years, but he still feels the pain in his legs, she said.

"Working in an environment where appearance and clothing serve and feed, you lose self-confidence as a woman," Caputo said. "You are a pretty object and that is what we felt like."

Gray said no one should be forced to wear any type of shoe that could cause health or safety problems. He said the amendment would bother all employers in every sector to seek workers who use shoes that could pose risks.

"Women still have a choice to wear high heels, but I can not force them, especially in unsafe work environments," she said.

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