Sunday , May 16 2021

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NASA enters the orbit around the asteroid, sets records

NASA's aircraft went into the orbit around the ancient asteroid, placing a couple of records.

Spacecraft Osiris-Rex entered the orbit on Monday about the asteroid Benn, 70 million kilometers from Earth. It is the smallest celestial body that the spacecraft ever circled. Bennu is just 500 meters away.

Aircraft circles are barely a half and a half above the surface of the asteroid, another record.

Osiris-Rex arrived in Bennu in early December and flew in formation with her until the last maneuver. The aim is to take gravel samples in 2020 for the return to Earth in 2023.

The New Year's event occurred only a few hours before another NASA investigator, the New Horizons, was ready to fly next to the ice-covered space rock behind Pluto.


Smoke Workshop: The worker fired after the customer abandoned the anti-Trumpa

The grocery store in Georgia says it fired an employee after shouting at the client wearing a T-shirt and a hat that supports President Donald Trump.

The client, Ian Fergeson, says he went to Xhale City in the suburb of Tucker in Atlanta to try to buy the juice juice. WAGA-TV reports that Ferguson has recorded a video on which an unnamed worker in the store refused to wait for him and use several explosions. Atlanta's statute states that the video showed the worker called Trump and the client was "racist".

In a statement on Facebook and Twitter, the store says it does not tolerate such employee behavior and that he dismissed the worker immediately after the conflict.


National parks hurt because of government closure

WASHINGTON (AP) – Where is the Smokey Bear when you need it?

The Trump administration's decision to leave open national parks despite the closure of the government has created disorder in several ways.

The trash is overwhelmed. A resident near the Yosemite National Park says he is "free for everyone" in the process of being involved with illegal off-roading and other behaviors. There is scattered garbage and human waste. Campers at Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California Deserts reported clashes, as different families claimed to be in places without having any supervisors.

The tenth day of a federal government's partial closure, which forced hundreds of thousands of federal government officials, left many parks without the majority of ranger and others engaged in camps and otherwise holding parks.

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