Tattoogate Ariane Grande does not show signs of calming. After graciously refraining from criticizing her tattoo with the wrong mistake, Grande has booked a meeting with her tattoo artist in the quickest possible way – the evidence that came up on her Instagram, nodding her head "tutor" @kanenavasard, shortly thereafter.

But take this, sources close TMZ say that the tattoo Ariana Grande still does not read or transmit "7 rings" as planned. Ariana Grande and her teacher thought that adding extra character would clarify things; they were dead wrong. The modified tattoo on the palm now readily reads: "Japanese BBQ finger" which in some way only exacerbates the problem with the original drago.

In fact, Grande was in the second attempt to do a first-rate research. Life is not full of rejection, especially when it comes to cultural sensitivity or ambiguity.

For that matter, Ariana Grande has a history of concealing tantrums, just ask Pete Davidson. Honestly, let's hope her lidocaine shoots her, the doctor offered her relief when Twitter caught up for the moment – honestly, there are many reasons to believe Twitter is not halfway through the remnants of yesterday's roasting. The second wave of excitement is approaching fast, jamming.