Ruby Rose debuted as Batwoman in Crossover Arrowverse Elseworlds recently, but that was just the beginning of an actress. Batwoman was the first gay superman in Arrowverse and was also the leading LGBTQ character in DC. Rose left Twitter when she acted as a hero for online trolls who suggested that her sexuality was just a farce. "Where the country is not" Ruby is not a lesbian, so Batwoman can not come from … must be the most ridiculous, the nicest thing I've ever read, "she announced before she turned off the account. "I went to 12 years, and in the last 5 years I had to deal with" she's too gay "… how can you turn that way, I have not changed." Now that he debuted, trolling calmed down a little.

According to Hollywood reporter, The pilot for Batwoman got a green light at CW. Undoubtedly, it will pick up the net. The synopsis for the pilot episode is as follows: "Armed with the passions for social justice and the desire to speak of her mind, Kate Kane [Rose] comes out to Gotham Street as Batwoman, and a lesbian and highly trained street fighter is prepared to quell the criminal rise of the city. But do not call her a hero. In a city that desperately wants a savior, Kate must master their demons before accepting the call to be Gotham's symbol of hope.