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Blitz your bunions for 30 minutes with a revolutionary new surgical treatment

It is believed that 15 million people in the United Kingdom are affected by bunions, and if they are not treated, these bone bumps can grow to severe pains.

While invasive long-term recovery surgery was the only option to get rid of them forever, the new and the first of these types in the UK, Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIB) at the Private Clinic on Harley Street promises the same results but with a quick surgical procedure from 30 minutes allowing you to return straight to your feet after only a few hours.

Here's everything you need to know about it …

First up, what is bunion?

Bunions can cause a lot of pain for the sufferers

It's a bony chord at the foot of a big thumb (on one or both legs), pointing it to the other fingers at an angle.

People who suffer often will also get pain and swelling in the muscles.

Causes can range from hereditary to unsuitable shoes for a long time.

What does treatment mean?

While a typical operation would involve removing the nipple under general anesthesia before fixing the problem with a fixator such as screws and plates (which would take you 6-8 weeks off your feet and on the ankles!), MIB technique uses much less an invasive coding method lasting only about 20-30 minutes under local anesthesia.

"During the procedure, 2-3 millimeters of the skin are cut, and then small surgical cuts (cuts) are used to correct deformity and bone bone modification," explains Dr. Andrea Bianchi, orthopedic surgery counselor at the Private Clinic in Harley Street.

A series of small and precise fractures is made in a foot that does not require bolts or needles to force the bone into place.

"Once the bones are aligned, the foot is connected, and the fractures are left naturally."

What is the time of recovery?

Patients with special bend must wear 20-23 days after surgery

Ents Patients can leave the theater without a can after a few hours.

"The special bandage and shoe will have to be worn for 20-23 days, and then they will be removed and replaced with a small ribbon and will again be carried by normal coaches," says Dr. Bianchi.

If you are engaged in sports, you can return to regular exercise after about 40 days.

Will he hurt?

Also Treatment is performed under local anesthesia so patients should not feel uneasy during surgery.

"Generally, they do not feel any significant painful procedure, but if they do, it's easy to control analgesics like Paracetamol," adds Dr. Bianchi.

Feeling of courage? There is even a monitor that you can watch while on the operation to see exactly what it is doing!

How much does it cost?

One lace operation is 4,600 pounds, and in order to carry both legs, it is 7,900 pounds.


The 45-year-old Karen has been suffering from painful bumps for decades before she has been operating a Minimal Invasive Bunion …

Karen's legs before and after surgery

B My bunions started to create problems in high school yet. I did a lot of sports, but my legs were so uncomfortable that it made it harder.

As I grew up, I could not wear modern sandals or heels because they worsened chronic pain. I was also aware that my big toes were red and distorted. Pain was constant but worsened in the winter.

Even in the most comfortable shoes my feet would pulsate. I tried to wear the heels on the wedding day, but pain meant I had to go barefoot for half. My husband encouraged me to look at my feet, so I went to see a surgeon through the NHS.

"He said my bunions were very bad for someone in their mid-thirties, but he also said that standard surgery would mean I would need about six weeks of recovery time – PER foot! With two young children and a job that worked as a teaching support assistant, there was no way to keep up my feet for so long or even afford it.

"It was eight years later, when a friend from London mentioned they heard of a new MIB operation at a private clinic. I was booking to see Dr. Bianchi and it sounded incredible.

– The surgery day came three hours after I checked in, I went without help. During the surgery I did not feel any pain and actually I could watch what they are doing on the screen! In February, I took off my first whistle, and another October, and now my legs got a new life.

Karen looked happy after her second visit after surgery

"I can play tennis with my son and I ran again, which was my greatest love.

"And my wardrobe is overwhelmed with strappy sandals!"

– For further information or booking arrangements please click here or call 0330 838 1686.

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