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Brain and Computer Interface "Soon"


SpaceX and Tesla's President Elon Musk has suggested that it might be announcing a brain-machine interface that could connect a human brain with computers on Sundays. In response to the question of updating Neuralin, a neurotrophic starter, he founded in 2016, Musk he replied that the new information would be "soon".

"Direct Cortical Interface", according to Muska, could allow people to achieve higher levels of knowledge – and give people a better chance of competing with artificial intelligence, Wall Street Journal It is not clear, however, whether the main goal of Neuralink is to do that or associate human brain with consumer applications computers.

AI Overlords

Musk repeatedly warned the evil AI superiors in the past, saying AI could become an "immortal dictator from whom we could never escape" in the documentary film 2018 under the title "Do you believe this computer?"

Much of what Neuralink is doing, including computer brain computer plans, are still heavily captured. In one troubled trace, Bloomberg has recently reported on the unpublished scientific work of five authors who were employed or linked to Neuralink – although it is unclear whether the Musk tweet related to their work.

Sewing machine for the brain

The work describes a brain-like "sewing machine" in the form of a needle device inserted into the skull of the rat to implant a flexible electrode electrode in the brain that reads electric brain signals.

Of course, human experiments have been exhausted for a long time. Neuralink should only comment on possible deadlines or announcements.

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