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Bret Hart supports a moving message about men's health

Bret Hart, (L) with his older brother, Smith Hart, on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 in Calgary.

Jim Wells / Postmedia

Brothers Bret and Smith Hart have fought each other against the other and countless other wrestling opponents for years.

But they had never prepared them for the fight against prostate cancer, both of them had to face simultaneously.

Diagnosed in January 2016, Bret says he is grateful for being caught early.

"We were diagnosed almost at the same time. When I started the operation, he just started to discover that his cancer was irony," he said.

"I think my brother Smith was stubborn, as well as me, looking for some sort of salvation salvation secret. In the end, you realize that's what he is.

"I started checking when I was 40. I checked, I was lucky."

His brother, however, was not so happy. Smith lost his battle on July 2, 2017 – the day his brother Bret said he wanted he never came.

"He would always look at me with this sad, empty expression, and said," I just want to check it out, "he said every day for the last six months as he was alive, he said.

"I really think it was a failure for my brother," he always ignored the warnings. "


Bret thinks the message about the need for men to be tested for cancer slowly, but they are constantly coming out – mostly because of the Movwart campaign.

The campaign, which lasts for November, shows that many people grow their mustache to raise men's awareness of health problems such as prostate and testicular cancer.

Many also raise funds to donate cancer research and prevention.

"Movember is like a ringtone, reminding everyone that this is a cancer that somehow hits everyone in the family, before later," he said.

"I think what Movember's doing with his mustache is really good, she's sending a simple but powerful message across the country, you see a lot of bad guys this time of year, but you know that the message is coming out.

"You just go there and getting your blood done can save your life."

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