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British Airways abolishes flights to Cairo for 7 days as "cautious" – RT World News

The UK carrier has obviously suspended all his flights to Egypt's capital for the entire week, calling it "precautionary measure", according to a letter from a company shared by passengers.

A sudden move was made by British Airways on Saturday and quietly announced to clients through letters that provided little insight into why "Precautionary measure" it was even necessary. So far no formal public announcement has been given.

The unlucky travelers were affected by a measure just before boarding the flights and as a result they were stranded at the airport.

"We are constantly reviewing our security arrangements at all our airports around the world and suspending flights to Cairo for seven days as a precautionary measure to allow for further assessment," The letter from the carrier to the passenger reads.

"The safety and security of our customers and crew is always our priority, and we will never operate the aircraft if it is not safe."

The height of the suspension of flights fueled wild speculation, including that the move by British Airways spurred constant tensions between Britain and Iran and the situation in the Persian Gulf. It seems that this theory is somewhat inactive, since Cairo is not very close to it, and the air routes from Great Britain to Egypt are not even close to the distant waters of the Gulf.

It remains unclear how exactly this move was made, as there were no changes in travel advice concerning Egypt in the UK or somewhere else. Although the document was updated on Friday by the UK's Foreign Ministry, no dramatic changes have been made.

That advises "There is an increased risk of terrorism against aviation", as well as "Additional safety measures" for flights from Egypt to the UK – but these precautions exist at least since March 2017.

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