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Canucks at Night: Pettersson Society for Respect

Incredibly, it is not a true word for describing Elias Pettersson's Ottawa Wednesday.

Tonight, we only conduct a review of Travis Green on a one-time Elias Pettersson about the availability of media content tonight, which is night quote:

– I do not think it was so clear before. He must have an elite timer, "he told Jeff Paterson.

I asked Pettersson what he was thinking of when he returned to the neutral zone before reaching the winner after he hit the spot.


I have it.

"It has always been my dream, for which I have always worked. Now here I live my dream, I play in Vancouver," he said later.

Canucks are where they want to be.

"I was 5 years old and I had a Vancouver T-shirt … Google."



It's time to start, is not it?

Pettersson's Society for Respect would be PAS. It's a tough initialism. Feel free to propose a better name.

It just goes on

He scores at a rate that is better than Malkin's or McDavid's. Crosby's and Ovechkin's are a bit ahead. (Jeremy Davis of the Canucks Army pointed out that the first two seasons of the last two seasons were in the season 05-06, the first post-lockout season when the judges bent sharply on joining and holding and the speed of the hit jumped to levels we have not seen so far .)

This is called elite talent.

Thank God he did not have any lasting consequences of that brain tumor.

And on …

Wait, there's more.

Seriously, we have not seen anything like this before.

The Sedins were good but not world winners. (Maybe they might have had the Canucks not even had the first six without them.)

Pavel Bure was remarkable as a beginner, achieving 36 times in 65 games (and 24 assists). But Pettersson, who plays in the lower-scoring age, achieves better tempo than Bure.

And Bure's total point is all because he finally found his slot in February 1992. In the last 22 games this season he scored 22 goals.

Think about it: Pettersson has already found his slot and it's only January. The season is only halfway and plays at a better pace than the greatest shooter in Canuck's history.

This is some train on which we are.

Baertschi permits one home

When Sven Baertschi discovered Swiss newspapers in November to deal with pretty serious symptoms after the earthquake, I really wondered if his career was compromised.

He talked about things like quality of life. When you're worried about such things, there's something below it.

Well to see him return to health and return to the line was a good thing. When you cover athletes, you want them to see the best. You feel for them when this is disabled.

His goal on Wednesday was from a place he usually did not, dead on the top of the fold.

I asked him to score goals on the top of the fold.

"It depends," he said.

"With them, I thought I had a lot of space in front of the net. I was not pushed around.

"I managed to settle down so that I could feel it and even after I had time.

"Eddie looked at me and I think he was even surprised that I was there."

Canuckians have been talking a lot about how important it is for them to do better on the outside of the network.

Baertschi noticed that senators, unlike Devil on Monday, played a system that welcomed long shots. The devil, he pointed out, defends in layers, which means that they end up blocking many shootings.

– It's very difficult to get to them. Sometimes a better option to shoot with them, he said.

Edler's big game

Alex Edler may have missed 14 games due to injury this season but plays some of the best hockey in his career.

He has 19 points in 28 games.

He picked up three more assists, including one that led to Baertschi's goal. He also jumped from Boeser on a rush that became Pettersson's first goal and set Pettersson's goal for one player.

"He's a horse, he's playing great hockey," Green said of the guy who is obviously his defender number 1 right now.

It is hard to think that it would abandon its non-trade clauses, though the Canucks somehow guaranteed to offer him a contract for the coming season, maybe he would.

He would be an unbelievable trading chip.

Status Leivoa

Leivo, who was on Pettersson's wing, left the game in the middle of the first.

I saw him coming out after the game, looks very stiff.

Green said he was involved in an injury to the "upper body" and said he was suspicious of a match on Thursday in Montreal.

Leivo, of course, will be back home on Saturday night when Canucks faces Leafs.

His status could also throw wrongs in team decision-making on how to deal with Brandon Sutter's activation on Thursday.

As already mentioned, about Nikolaja Goldobin is rumored to trade rumors, and Green has been strongly talked about what he wants to see from his young wing before the game when it is confirmed that he will be scratched.

Green, by the way, was thrilled with Team Schaller's work in the fourth row against the senator.

Playoffs? Really? This one? More?

That idea was reintroduced on Tuesday after the exercise. Erik Gudbranson pointed out that this "week" make or break ".

This refers to hopes in the playoffs.

Green is questioning about the idea behind the game.

There are many things on the table this season, but did he admit that his team wants to play "meaningful" games while at the same time keeping an eye on the main goal, which is building a team that will be a candidate later than later,

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