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Conflict Tech Titans: Apple Roars in Streaming Entertainment

"It's one of the fascinating things about Apple. They are always waiting to see what works and what does not, and then they come and work their own version, and that's very successful," Sherr said.

"Apple's customer relationship has started to decline over the last few years, as the company saw its hardware shrinking in people's lives," said James McQuivey, a Forrester analyst who follows digital disturbances. "By focusing on more media and entertainment experiences that are exclusive to Apple's experience, we will revive Apple's relationship with its customers."

Alex Ben Block, who writes about entertainment for various media, is skeptical. "Although it's hard to underestimate Apple, it moves them to an area where there is much greater competition, entertainment is widely available at a low price or at no cost, while Netfilx and Amazons are already offering more than Apple, even with a star name involved, "wrote Ben Block.

He added: "The Amazonian lesson was that they had to offer much more than fun to make people sign up for the premiere, and they were having fun until they hit the hit series Maisel Maisel which made people sign up and continue. Apple must find its own Maisel Maisel quickly or can lose the tone of money. "

But Sherr believes Apple has the right to use the biggest names in streaming entertainment: Netflix, Amazon and Disney. Do you notice that two of the three names in this list are also digital natives?

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