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Conservatives, Liberals have set up new bills for collecting funds before the election year

Canadians open their wallets to major parties before federal elections; Conservatives, Liberals and Greens set new bills in the fourth quarter of 2018 to raise funds outside the election year.

According to a quarterly refund of funds collected on the Election Canada website, Conservatives in the last three months of 2018 raised $ 7,343,817 from 49,260 individual contributions. This makes it the best fourth quarter in the party history and the best quarter out of the election.

It put conservatives in front of the Liberal, who raised $ 6,361,562 in the fourth quarter of over 45,000 contributions, according to the information submitted to CBC News. With the exception of the third and fourth quarters of 2015 – when the country was in the middle of the election that resulted in a liberal majority – these are the best numbers the party has announced in any quarter.

It also represents a narrowing of the gap between the two parties. Conservatives in the first two quarters beat Liberal for almost $ 3 million.

But this early advantage gives Conservatives a significant overall breakthrough in the 2019 campaign. Conservatives have collected $ 24.3 million throughout the year, compared to $ 16.5 million for Liberals.

This is a wider track than the conservatives went to the last federal election. In 2014, Conservatives collected $ 20.1 million, and Liberals $ 15.7 million, which is over $ 4 million. That gap is now almost twice as big.

The new democracies continued to track their rivals, collecting $ 1,974,257 of 18,637 associates. This is the lowest score in the fourth quarter of 2011. However, this is only slightly behind the results in the fourth quarter of 2016 and 2017, when the NDP collected just over $ 2 million.

It puts a NDP number of 5.1 million dollars a year – better than 2017, but still below the amount of funds raised from 2011 to 2016. Entry into the election year of 2015, when the NDP still formed an official opposition, the party raised $ 9.5 million,


The green, block grows more than in 2014

The Green Party has set new records, collecting $ 1470,287 from 11,608 contributions. This figure represents the best fourth quarter of the party ever, following only the party funding effect in the third quarter of 2015, when federal elections were in full swing.

The total fundraising for this year amounts to $ 3.1 million for Green, making it the best non-election year fundraising year. The party is also in front of the $ 3 million that it has collected in 2014.

Bloc Québécois collected $ 374,201, compared to the fourth quarter of 2017, when the party raised over $ 401,000. However, these two quarter quarters are best for the Bloc to record.

The party says its fundraising has increased dramatically in December after Yves-François Blanchet, who earlier this month was recognized as a leader, dropped the hat at the end of November in a leading position.

The quarter puts a block of $ 542,000 a year, which is the lowest rate since 2014. However, with just $ 424,000 collected that year, it suggests that the block was in a better financial position than it was the last time it was in the election.

Maxime Bernier won funds for the fourth quarter in 3 days

As a new political formation, the People's Party under Maxime Bernier should only submit annual financial reports, not quarterly. However, a spokesman for PPC says the party has collected $ 318,000 in the last three months of 2018, roughly in line with fundraising in the third quarter.

The PPC was officially registered only in Canada's elections earlier this month, so its associates last year had no right to tax relief. But the party says it has, after being registered, received more than $ 300,000 in contributions over a period of just three days.

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