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Consider vaccination after a measles-outbreak in Washington

An increase in measles in the southern state of Washington should not be a problem for northern BC residents unless you go to that area. The epidemic is mainly localized in Clark County and mostly affects untreated children.

Feet is contagious before people develop fever and rash.

"It is possible to infect someone who does not know that there are measles", explained the Medical Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Immunization of the Center for Disease Control, Dr. Monika Naus. "You do not have to share a pot or kiss, you're just in the same air space and it can include relatively public spaces." We had transmissions of measles in British Columbia like the Vancouver airport and in public places like those where people can not be aware that they were in contact with the case of measles. "

Although no case has emerged in BC as a direct consequence of this current outbreak, this does not mean that people should not take precautionary measures. Naus said, "If there are adults who are not complete in a series of measles vaccines, they should absolutely take the opportunity to be vaccinated, especially if they are traveling overseas or, now, in Clark County."

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