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Dave Bautista is Kumail Nanjiani's Uber traveler from hell / movie

Stuber Trailer

You've probably had a couple of unpleasant Uber drives here and there. But that's probably not something like experience Kumail Nanjiani is in the upcoming action comedy Stuber.

Stuber followed by Uber driver (Kumail Nanjiani) who unintentionally ends up with deadly criminals, gunfire, and fighting for his life. This is because a policeman (Dave Bautista) used it as a transport to find the killer.

Stuber Trailer

Dave Bautista has already shown that she has impressive comedy pieces Guardians of the galaxy franchise, but I waited for him to show those non-character skills that have strange features that are ridiculous by default. In the trailer, he obviously has a great chemistry with Kumail Nanjian, giving them an incredible but solid friendly comedy. This is the style of old school-based action comedy from the 1980s or 1990s Midnight running or 48 hours.

Our own Meredith border captured ongoing work on South by Southwest (meaning it was not the last cut and still working in the editing room), and she said, "Laughter is huge, the action also adds:" Really the inspired part comes to Bautista and Nanjiani in casting, pairs that may seem unbelievable on paper, but are registered as legendary on screen. "

Indeed, these two appear to be electric in this trailer, and that, hopefully, will open a new can of worms for Kumail Nanjiani to play while his star continues to grow. Additionally, when Dave Bautista wears a clean white tanktop under that button, we hope this will turn into die Hard sort of situation for him, though with much more laughter.

Stuber also stars Iko Uwais (raid) Natalie Morales (Parks and recreation) Betty Gilpin (Is not she romantic?) Jimmy Tatro (American vandal) Mira Sorvino (Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion) i Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy). The film is directed Michael Dowse (Goon, what if) and wrote Tripper Clancy.

When a gentle uber driver called Stu (Kumail Nanjiani) picked up a passenger (Dave Bautista) who turns out to be a hot guy on the brink of a brutal killer, he has been tormented by torturing desperately trying to keep his mind, life, and five stars.

Stuber This summer, the streets are ringing in the streets July 12, 2019.

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