Sunday , May 16 2021

David St-Jacques's space walk is the first in Canada for 12 years

Astronaut David Saint-Jacques will become the first Canadian space pilgrim in 12 years, when he goes on about seven hours of missions scheduled for today.

Flight Controllers in Canada's Space Agency robots will support the Canadian astronaut while performing his mission with NASA astronaut Anne McClain.

The Saint-Jacques walk comes to his first release at the International Space Station.

It is planned to start only after 8 am. Includes several tasks, including moving the adapter board, upgrading the wireless communication system and connecting the jumper cable along the central point of the main station for Canadarm2 to get an alternate power supply.

Canadarm 2 is a type of robotic arm that is crucial for maintaining a space station, and the cables will enable your hand to perform repairs in the event of a breakdown without the need for a walk.

The Canadian record for most space walks was held by retired astronaut Dave Williams, who was repatriated three times outside the space station during the 2007 mission, totaling nearly 18 hours.

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