Thursday , January 28 2021

Detroit Lions now suck and have no answers

Editor's Note: This is an opinion by journalist Kyle Meinke.

CHICAGO – If you were in Detroit Lion's locker room looking for answers, well, you came to the wrong place.

Because they did not get them.

Perhaps it should have been obvious when Seattle was silent two weeks ago two weeks ago with 28 unanswered points. It was obvious last week when Minnesota was killed by 10 record bags.

They said they were not doing well enough. They talked about returning to the basics. That's nice. And then they went there against Chicago and allowed 26 unanswered points in a 34-22 loss that was not so close to that scoring show thanks to two garbage-time touchdowns. (Rich Gannon, line 1)

So far it is clear.

They have no answers.

"It's the National Football League," said Nevin Lawson, when he wondered what had happened. "Somebody has to win, someone has to lose."

All these words are true, and none of them means anything at all.

"Hey, they've been executed better than we do," Lawson said.

Man, the lion's lovers say that word, do not you? Execution? That's all that's obviously wrong. They are not trainers, they are. Not talent. They just do not do it!

Week, week after week.

When you're not competitive in three weeks, and you're lagging behind twice in the first half of three weeks, it certainly sounds like a problem of preparation, right? But do not be afraid! It's just execution!

"I feel like we have a great preparation," Lawson said. "I feel like we have a great practice, but today we did not go out and do what we were supposed to do."

That's why we throw the tape for a second. Lions say they do not perform well enough, but preparing for the game is not a problem. Although they know what the problem is and they do not do anything that week after a week.

Am I the only one whose head is rotating?

"We just do not do the job," said LeGarrette Blount. "No matter what it looks like, or whatever it is, everything we do is wrong, we just have to fix it. We've done this job six times this year, that's something we have to fix and we need to have a sense of urgency."

OK, that's great and all but it still does not say anything about why the team that is expected to fight this season four times this year has kicked it out. Why? Why is this still happening?

"I feel like we know we've probably won the games we've lost," Blount said.

And that could only have been most appreciated by someone in that bedroom.

These guys have no answers. They really thought they would fight this year. They released Jim Caldwell because it was obvious that this list was too good to win just nine games – and now they have to go 6-1 the rest of it to match it.

Since no one else will say that, let me: These guys are sucking right now. And this is not just a talent problem, though this is a problem, especially after the Golden Tatum trade. This is a training problem too.

Sometimes he loses everything, but nobody with such talent does not lose it like this. Lions broke 28-7 against Seattle and 24-6 against Minnesota, and then had facials hit and allowed 26 unanswered points to open Sunday's match against Chicago. They are no longer showing.

When Mitchell Trubisky was in the final zone with 8: 18 in the second quarter, Chicago led 26-0. At that time Detroit had 45 yards of attack. Letting Graham Glasgow last week, "Uncomfortable."

"Obviously, we did not start with the game very early and we did not succeed, we did not do it" – that's the word again! – "early in the game as we wanted," coach Matt Patricia said.

Hey, he's right! Particularly in defense, where they almost allowed young Trubisky to score perfectly, just two weeks after Russell Wilson did it. Trubisky had eight sets of at least 20 meters and completed a career of 355 meters high. He broke Detroit's defense for 36 and 45 meters long and had a total of four, three of which were in the first 22 minutes of the game.

Anthony Miller had 122 places. Allen Robinson hit almost three-digit numbers only in the first quarter. Friendly reminder, everyone: Bears are racing team.

"That's what I'm going to say about our team," Patricia said. "It's a competitive team and they will fight to the end."

No it's not. No, he will not. Not now.

How could you say that this is a competitive team? Since climbing back to .500 with a huge victory in Miami, Lions were excellent 86-45. In the first half of each of these games they were double-digit and never entered one point in the fourth quarter.

In which world is this competitive?

Not in this, of course. Not Lions.

At 3-6, their season is already an atheist. With the Panthers to tap this week and then the Bears afterwards, and then the Rams – the Lord have grace to their souls of that day – they are more likely to end up with the top five pick than actually compete in 2018.

They should actually have some answers to that. Obviously, they do not have them.

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