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In today's rumor review, we look at Oilers' store and rumors of what might be the next in Edmonton. Does Calgary try to get one of his most exhilarating assailants out of town? And can there be any major changes to Maple Leaf if they decide to move William Nylander to the central position?

The owls seek help for the wing

On Sunday, Sportsnet's actor Mark Spector went shopping for Oilers' trading news. He also reported that GM was Peter Chiarelli put Ryan Spooner there but they did not have a user. What has been learned from both attempts at business and media conferences held on Monday morning was that Edmonton was looking for help ahead, especially for the right wing.

Edmonton Oilers Celebrate - Ryan Spooner

Celebrate Edmonton Oilers (Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports)

Bob McKenzie was at TSN 1260 and gave his opinion about the stores during the weekend. He started with this: "I think everybody in Edmonton understands and admits that the Oilers, they have to play, there is a pressure on them to do so." Chiarelli has admitted so much at a media conference where he said the team looked at his five. losses (now six, with loss at Winnipeg on Monday night) and at this critical moment they had to back the defensive. McKenzie also said that these jobs are an example of what is happening when you have to make "these under-forced jobs".

The big debate in Edmonton is whether it's big enough to really help Oilers and what's coming. Almost everyone seems to think she's still on the road.

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Mark Stone negotiates with senators

Bruce Garrioch from Ottawa Sun reports that Mark Stone said he expects contract negotiations over the next two weeks and clearly states he wants to stay in Ottawa.

This is a great news for Sens because there are serious questions about large free agents in Ottawa who want to stay or not.

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Michael Frolik Be Out of Calgary?

Agent Allan Walsh tweeted on December 30, 2018: "Many people in Calgary have asked why Michael Frolik is a healthy scratch. Maintaining one of the most effective and versatile teams in the stands marginalizes and obstructs a large team player. Attempting to train a good player out of town?

Frolik returned to the show when the Flames defeated the Sharks on Monday 8-5, and Frolik had two assists, but the seed was already planted when Calgary was trying to push Frolika out of the city.

Michael Frolik Flames

Michael Frolik Calgary Flames (Amy Irvin / Writers Hockey)

Beat reporter, Kristen Anderson later announced it Flames coach Bill Peters had no answer to Walsh's comments except that Fro would play and he would play with Backs and Chucky … he missed a lot of hockey when you missed so much time with this type of injury, it's time to take … "

Peters suggested that Frolik was left out of the composition more to give him time to warm up after he left and the reality is that you will not return the one who left the first day.

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Some are switching to Toronto?

In a recent bag segment, Kevin McGran of Toronto Star wrote that if Maple Leafs decided to move Nylander to a central position, pioneers should add Nazema Kadrija to Patrick Marleau and Nikita Zaitsev as players that Maple Leafs can move to create space or pick up the defenders.

Toronto Maple Leafs ahead of Patrick Marleau

Patrick Marleau (Dan Hamilton-USA DANAS Sports)

McGran believes that Maple Leafs will look for a young right-hand man and write:

I believe Dubas will look for a young player, not a veteran. The price of Pietrangelina – 6.5 million – could be a bit for this team unless Nylander goes the other way. I wonder if the Oilers will run around, try to get some added scoring in advance.

source – "MAILBAG: So … Captain or Nylander?" – The Toronto Star – Kevin McGran –

Moving to someone like Marleau, Kadriya or Zaitseva also releases Leafs to re-sign players such as Kasperi Kapanen who needs a new contract. An alternative is trading a patron like Niklas Kronwalla, but the belief is that Dubas does not see the value of adding such a type of rent.

The saber will not move the first place to rent

Elliotte Friedman said at 630 CHED that he looked into rumors that Buffalo could launch one of four first-round choices in order to achieve success in the playoffs and said, "That did not happen, that's not what they did for rent."

The only way Buffalo move one of those guys is to get back the 22 or 23 year old players who will be under control for some time.

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