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Edmonton Oilers in Arizona Coyotes (01.02.2019.)

Thanks to Arizona Coyotes as such a friendly host. Final score: 3-1

If ever there was a golden opportunity for Oaile to finish their losing streak and return to the right track, it was tonight against Arizona Coyotes. Coming to this match, Oilersi have been the winners of six of the last seven games against Coyote and I saw it as a perfect opportunity to win and return this train to the rails. I mean, it's certainly a disturbing look at the schedule and hope for the games that can be won, but that's where Oilers are right now and I did not care what it takes to get two points just to do the job. Let's be honest if Oilersi could not start winning in Arizona, then the odds do not get much brighter when they come to California to finish the trip. And after putting yesterday's practice through the mixer, I was curious how Hitchcock's new imagination would react. Early results were less than positive.

In the first period, Oilersi barely looked like willing players, and let alone the team that was trying to score goals and finish the lost line. They were very overwhelmed, often abandoned by goalkeepers, and goals went by, and Coyotes's team was much better off, which should be terrible. It is unnecessary to say that it was the beginning that really eased the mood here. Fortunately, the boys looked like a different hockey club in the second and third periods because they seemed much more enjoyable at both ends of the ice rink. Over the past 40 minutes, the Oilers were much better defended, not cheated in the election, they got big savings, and when they entered the offensive zone, they seemed to have a plan for what they wanted. I mean, it also helps when McDavid puts three more points on the board. At the end of the day, the best Oilers players managed to overpower the Coyotes defenders and failed to reach people with McDraw.

Of course, all goals returned to Connor and Leon, but prosy can not be the voters and I think we will all happily accept the victory at this point.

For the first time in 2019, we wrap up.

  • Leon Draisaitl played the match at one point when he perfected the point of Adam Larsson through five holes in Adino Hill. Larsson quickly caught the net and Leon was perfectly focused on him as he entered the high slit and used his big paddle to get advice on it.
  • Connor McDavid was an electric tonight and was no better example than his throat when he missed a step with the missile that was far ahead of him, but finished the perfect blanket through Hill's legs. The captain added an empty net in the last minute of the match to seal the deal. McDavid finished the night with another informal performance in three points that gave him 61 years. I know I finished 2018, saying I'm grateful to Connor McDavid, and that's the way I'll start in 2019. Thank you for all you do, Connor. Thank you.
  • Zack Kassian deserves some love for the passage he made on the naked Connor McDavid who showed such a touch that a great man has in his hands. He lifted Connor with a beautiful passage in the slit that the captain could only reach and that resulted in taking the lead.
  • It is clear that Mikko Koskinen gained the confidence of his coach because he got another chance to return to the net and lock things as we saw him throughout the season. The last few beginnings did not go in Koskinen's way, and if ever it was a perfect time to regain his shape, he was here tonight, and he just did. In the beginning, Koskinen was the stone between the pipes and undoubtedly the only reason Oilers found themselves after only one goal after the first period. Koskinen was super all night while he finished the game with 29 saves and 0.967% savings.
  • Darnell Nurse tonight was a horse for Oilers, ending his evening with 25:07 on ice, two on goal, four goals and two blocks. It's a great night for Darryl.
  • Tonight I liked the game of Jesse Puljujarvija. No, he did not get naked, but he was much more involved in the game and at the first level than we've seen in the last few weeks. With my eyes, I noticed him around the heck much more than I had for a while, which is positive for the young Finca who is still trying to get some strength. Puljujarvi finished with 12:48 on ice, two goals per goal, one shot and a blocked blow.
  • Adam Larsson played a tough match tonight and threw his weight around every chance he got. And not only that, I thought he was really doing the job of calming things under the bare line, so I was ready to see him getting help at the second place of Leon Draisaitla as a treasure at the top of the fine job he did in his area.
  • Oilers finished the night at 55% in the face of the rounds and one of these drawings led directly to Leona Draisaitla's goal. It's better to win than to lose.
  • FINALLY! TO WIN! to win! TO WIN! to win! Win Cast comes in a few minutes. As always, you can join #BoozeNotBeets chat over on my Twitter account.

  • Start ugly with oilseeds. Over the course of 20 minutes, they were overtaken 16-7, overrun and looked more like they were holding for a beloved life. The ugly period, and they were happy that Koskinen was there to save them.
  • Brad Richardson opened Coyotes for points after receiving some nice coyotes as they moved around the Oilers Zone as if they were doing the exercise. Honestly, I felt bad about Koskinen at the show.
  • Nothing works on power play tonight (0/3), though Oilersi had a chance on the first chance of the night. Although the lack of goals in the game was not burned tonight, it would be nice to see that Oilers had buried Coyote tonight, you know?
  • Who Makes First: Tobi Rieder or Milan Lučić? We both are damned.
  • When are we on a secondary score, is this the right thing?
  • Owls have been overtaking much lately, and that was the case tonight when Coyotes beat them 30 to 24 hours per hour.
00:08 Arizona Brad Richardson (11) ASST: Richard Panik (7), Kevin Connauton (5) 0-1
02:49 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (22) ASST: Adam Larsson (11), Connor McDavid (38) 1-1
13:43 Edmonton Connor McDavid (22) ASST: Zack Kassian (2), Leon Draisaitl (29) 2-1
19:15 Edmonton EN – Connor McDavid (23) 3-1

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Source: NHL, Official Game Game, February 1, 2015 – 23:00 MST

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