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Elon Musk raises NASA for smoking live weeds on the internet

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine told reporters on Thursday that Elon Musk smokes weeds live on the internet "has not boosted confidence," Atlantic reports.

Musk's SpaceX company was subjected to NASA's security screening after taking cannabis on a podcast called "Joe Rogan Experience" in September.

Now, Bridenstine has publicly commented on the incident for the first time. He told a journalist meeting: "I'll tell you it's not useful, and that has not inspired confidence, and the leaders of these organizations should take this as an example of what to do when you run an organization that will launch American astronauts."

Bridenstine said he had personally commissioned a security review at SpaceX and Boeing, who first discovered The Washington Post. But he emphasized that he wanted to review their corporate culture before Musk smoked weeds.

His decision was affected by the tragedy in NASA's history, including the Apollo 1 fire in 1967, which killed three astronauts during field testing and two Space Shuttle disasters in 1986 and 2003.

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Bridenstine said she always raised the question of whether NASA culture contributed to these incidents. "What was the culture of our entrepreneurs, and were the people who raised the red flag that we did not listen to, and in the end that culture contributed to the failure and, in those cases, the catastrophe?" He said.

The Atlantic Navy Koren asked Bridenstein whether a live network of muscles was smoking online, a red flag. "I do not think they are helpful," he replied.

Bridenstine also said he had "conversations" with the Musmate about his behavior. "I'll tell you, he is as safe as anyone, and he understands that this is not a suitable behavior, and you will not see it again," he continued.

Business Insider contacted SpaceX and NASA for comment.

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