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Endgame fans' theory suggests unclear Marvel characters that can play a key role

At this point, almost everything is on the table with regard to Avengers: Closing, and some fans take quite creative freedom.

Reddit user Dyberzz recently shared a new fan theory surrounding the sequel to Marvel Studios, which adds a lot of potential to meaning behind a single shot in endgame trailer. As they suggest, a compass holding Steve Rogers / Captain America (Chris Evans) in the Endgame trailer seems to show the northeast. Which, assuming they were still in the New York-based Revenue Base, was pointing in the direction Svalbad, home of Adama Rodericka.

Avengers 4 introduces a new character? from r / FanTheories

For non-practitioners, Adam Roderick is a member of Inhuman, whom Karnak rescues after being subgrouped by A.I.M. After Karnak finds Roderick, he finds that his group has helped find his "right to me" – namely, helping him to exploit his inhumane power. With his abilities, Roderick managed to turn everything he had said or thought into reality.

Even with all the theories about how Avengers can potentially defeat Thanos, it is fairly certain that this is a relatively new one. However, it can not be said whether the theory can contain any weight, but that is still an interesting possibility for an ever-secret movie.

– Whether we're on top The war of infinity or no, I do not know, "co-director Joe Russo explained in a recent interview. "But we are trying to tell the best story we can with these characters. This ends the first decade of the story. I think it only has dramatic power.

"I do not think there are comics that are related to him," Joe Russo told earlier this year. – I think we're in there [a] fairly fresh area with [Avengers: Endgame]If nothing else, I think it's interesting to come back later and take a look at some of the Marvel movies and look at them through different lenses. But I can not remember any comics, and that would be worth it.

"Our job as we have said a million times is to tell a story about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not the direct adaptation of the comics, because we are comic strip fans," Joe Russo said. "I do not have any interest in acting as a director in telling a story that has already been told or in the eyes of what has already been said." If I know all the stories about the events that are taking place, what is the purpose of going to the movie, you want to keep a surprising audience and continue with the story started Iron man one ten years ago. "

Avengers: Closing will be released on April 26, 2019. Other upcoming films Marvel Cinematic Universe include Captain Marvel March 8, 2019 Spider-Man: Far away from home July 5, 2019.

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