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Fallout 76 players throw their hands on the back of heavy bobby needles

Like some cruel and confusing joke, Fallout 76 Players discovered that the latest patch accidentally broke something that was previously repaired and they are not happy.

Bobby needles, used Fallout 76 pick up the locks, they originally snatched ridiculous pounds. Earlier this month, Bethesda finally compromised to force them to hit 0.001, something that was more realistic and helped rid the area of ​​space needed in inventory. After yesterday's Patch 5, they returned to 0.1. It might seem like a small problem, but for players who have spent the last few months with no patience, this is just the last in a series of discouraging characters that are still accumulating.

Many players are also disappointed with a series of yesterday's patch changes made for the game system. Cards such as the demolition expert, who give damages to the use of explosives, were from 100% to the maximum level up to 60%. Other cards, such as White Knight and licensed plumber, saw a similar reduction in their efficiency. People who invested in these skills now feel they are in great disadvantage and have asked for some way to be respected when such changes occur. Another open group of players is increasingly rejecting Bethesd's approach to nerfing the items and abilities he sees as too powerful instead of making it stronger to help replenish.

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Other players are keen that new items of micro-transactions continue to be added to the Atom game store while all this is happening, and the Bethesda community manager responded that the Atomic team was separate from the one that is working on fixes and bug fixes. – I see that it can be frustrating to see [the Atom store] are updated when you wait for game updates, but separate from those who work on the code, "they wrote in the game's subtle.

Disappointment of people in a constant state of affairs Fallout 76 is reinforced by claims that the latest patch also brought some of the duplicate items that tortured the game earlier in the month. In a rumor that exploded through overnight games overnight, gX-kiD remembers that floods of new ads for rare items in Ebay have been flooded since yesterday. A quick search shows more than a hundred new messages about things like legendary assault rifles and three barrels, but there has been no solid evidence that duping has made a full comeback.

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While the studio has not yet publicly addressed complaints, the community manager commented on one of Reddit's themes that problems with the needle and other feedback on the new patch are currently being discussed by the development team.

One theory that circles amongst players about why the bobby needles are re-weighted is that the latest update used an older version Fallout 76 which is why some aspects of the game seemed to have come back where they were at the beginning of the month. Bethesda did not respond immediately to the request for a comment on the matter.

In response to the latest erroneous steps, calls have been renewed that Bethesda implements a beta server on which players can test new patches before they enter the real game that one player replied to "Good News!" You are already on the beta server! "

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