Wednesday , June 23 2021

Final Fantasy XIII series joins Xbox compatibility backwards, Civilization Revolution now Xbox One X Enhanced

Since Xbox One has been released, players have been demanding several high-level games. Though most applications revolve around the Call of Duty franchise, the Final Fantasy franchise is another hot batch. Microsoft today announced Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. In addition, Civilization Revolution will get the Xbox One X Enhanced update to take advantage of the world's most powerful console.

Background compatibility opens Xbox One on a huge range of games, including three generations of Microsoft consoles. Despite the hardware differences, it remains an outstanding feature that allows a selected library of older games on the Xbox. Although most of them have Xbox 360 titles, there are some original Xbox games. So far, players have enjoyed more than a billion hours of compatible games, and the catalog now includes five hundred Xbox 360 games, 25 Xbox One X titles enhanced Xbox 360 and 32 original Xbox Classics.

Final Fantasy XIII

Players follow Lightning, Snow and other heroes who destroy enemies like God. Damned and perceived enemies of society, they must rely on each other. Will he find the strength within himself to free his curse and determine his destiny, or will he stand for that greater power?

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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Three years after Lightning and the others rescued Cocoon, some survivors decided to start. Yet the lightning can not be found. When monsters suddenly overcome the city, the mysterious man called Noel seems to save Serah. Together they went on a journey to find Munia.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The world of Gran Pulse is in the sea, and what is now called the name of Nova Chrysalia. As a flash, your job is to save as many souls as possible to bring them into a new world. You will encounter familiar faces and meet new enemies in all new regions.

Revolution of civilization

The Revolution of Civilization gives you the opportunity to experience the epic world-building of civilization in a new way. Contains new visual and better guides to help new users enjoy their experience.

Be sure to check out Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, especially if you are a fan of Final Fantasy games. Many of the Final Fantasy games are not just a classic class, they are also fun to play because of their attractive parcels.

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Today we split this November 13th, four new, backward compatible titles will be an improvement for Xbox One X.

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