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Fire removes most donations to the community for sharing food in the community

For example, Walters, General Director of the Food Distribution Association, says it was destroyed to see damage to the storage facility. (Lukas Wall / CBC)

The largest food bank in Newfoundland and Labrador lost most of the food at the main stockpile on Wednesday morning.

"It's actually defeating, because, you know, we have absolutely no food," said Eg Walters, general director of the Association for the Distribution of Food in the Community.

"Now we do not have one can of soup that we can distribute."

The association serves as the central venue for donations and supplies food banks throughout the province, while the stock destroyed by smoke and water are only part of the loss.

"We must have lost the storage space and the damage done there will certainly not be ready to be re-occupied soon," Walters told reporters in front of the building.

The Community Food Sharing Warehouse, located in the back of this building on the Topsail road, was damaged by fire on Wednesday. (Lukas Wall / CBC)

Before that he told the CBC that there was no injury he was grateful for.

Fire closed road Topsail

Regional fire station Sv. Ivana appeared on the scene just after 9:30 am on Wednesday at the Topsail basin store.

The traffic is closed for about an hour on all four strips of Topsail Road. Some firefighters withdrew and went around 10:30 am, while Newfoundland Power and Royal Newfoundland Police remained on the scene.

The crews check the damage to the warehouse. (Lukas Wall / CBC)

Attempts to collect donations to the association began before the fire department left the warehouse.

Seamus O. Reagan Regan said his staff would raise donations at his nearby office at Topsail Road as the building was shut down.

Walters said it was destroyed by fire, but said that a long road to recovery had already begun.

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