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Fortune Week 4 Challenges – Search Script Locations, Fireworks and Expeditions Outposts Map – Season 7 – Fortnite Wiki Guide

Fortune Week 4 Challenges Season 7 Battle Pass are finally here. Clean at least four of the seven challenges to earn 5,000XP. This set was released on December 27, 2018.

See a list of all the weekly challenges here. Looking for a specific challenge for the 7th week in the 4th season? Use these links to navigate to each hint section:

Free Challenges[[[[Edit]

Run fireworks[[[[Edit]

The fireworks appeared at certain places on the map and your job is to find them and set them up three from them. Catch? After the player fires the fireworks, no other player can launch it because it has already disappeared.

You only have to start three famous fireworks locations. Use our map to find each of them or use our list:

  • Close to the metal lame north of Junk Junction.
  • South of the hacked mountains.
  • To the evil moon east of Snobby Shore.
  • South of Snobby Shore.
  • West of Happy Hamlet.
  • South of the old flush factory.
  • On the hill south of Lucky Landing.
  • Where the river meets the ocean in the desert biomass.
  • East of Paradise Palms.
  • East of the path in the desert biomass.
  • East Side of Lonely Lodge.
  • Near the already built fortress northeast of the Watershed.
  • Northwest of the block.
  • On a small hill east of the motel.


Remove opponents at all expedition agencies[[[[Edit]

Remove the three enemies in any of the seven expedition offices. These buildings like the red tent first appeared on the map at the beginning of the 7th season. In each of them there are several aircraft, along with a few zip lines, so there is a lot of mobility for entry and exit.

Use our map to locate each location.

Use X-4 Stormwing Plans in different games[[[[Edit]

At the beginning of the season 7 it seems that the aircraft can be found anywhere. Fortunately, it's not hard to find them. Use our map to find locations for general grooming where several X-4 Stormwing plans appear.

Battle Pass Challenge[[[[Edit]

Phase 1: Look for the letter "O" west of Pleasant Park[[[[Edit]

The five-step challenge that asks for you and collects four letters of the NOMS sign. After you collect each letter from their location, complete the challenge by visiting the renewed NOMS sign above the food retail store in Retail Row. Remember, each stage must be completed at different matches. Five degrees includes.

  • Phase 1: Look for the letter "O" west of Pleasant Park
  • Phase 2: Look for the letter "S" in the forest of the weeping
  • Phase 3: Look for the letter "M" in Dusty Divot
  • Step 4: Look for the letter "N" below the frozen lake
  • Final Phase: Visit the NOMS sign in the Retail line

You can find "O" in an abandoned house west of Pleasant Park. Look him close to the container along the outside walls of the house.

"S" is located within the central bunker below Wailing Woods.

"M" is located in the southern building under the Dusty Divot.

"N" can be found in an old store that is still available from underwater and frozen fatty mushrooms. This location is no longer called, but the frozen lake is located north of the Polar peak.

When you collect all four letters, go to Retail Line where the NOMS inscription is restored above the store entrance.


Phase 1: Destroy the chairs[[[[Edit]

Another multiplayer challenge that destroys certain objects. Wooden hair can be found in houses, restaurants and general housing areas. Wooden pillars of utility are those that look like lines. Wooden pallets are piles of wood that give you the tone of the material. Phase List:

  • Phase 1: Destroy the Chair (80)
  • Phase 2: Destroy Wooden Piles for Help (25)
  • Final Phase: Destroy Wooden Palettes

Wooden pillars can be tricky, so here's one picture!

Apply damage to the enemy at Pickaxe[[[[Edit]

Agreement 100 damage with a pie. This may seem hard at first, but you can easily fill these points when playing in duets or teams. Once you collapse an enemy with surviving team members, take your cube out and take out the downfall of enemies for all their 100 remaining health. Do not waste time fighting the other player until you die at the start of the game, just crush them first!

Eliminations in Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park[[[[Edit]

Remove three different enemies in Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park. Both are hot spots with lots of chests and spoils. If the Happy Hamlet is a little too new, hold the Pleasant Park where you know where the prey and chests are and know where the enemy will probably go.

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