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Foxconn changes its plans in massive business in Wisconsin, welcomed by Trump

Foxconn Technology Group announced on Wednesday that the focus of its planned $ 10 billion in Wisconsin campus moved from the production of blue collars to the research hub while insisting it remain committed to creating 13,000 jobs.

President Donald Trump and former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker have announced that this facility will be rather desperate, and this is a chance to return to the Middle West and the United States. It is believed that Foxconn, Apple's major supplier, is the world's largest contract manufacturer of electronics and the largest Chinese private employer.

In a statement Wednesday, Foxconn said he remains committed to the project, creating 13,000 jobs, and "a long-term investment in Wisconsin." But because the global market environment that existed when the project was first released in 2017 moved, "this required adaptation of plans for all projects, including Wisconsin."

Louis Woo, Special Assistant to Foxconn Terry Gou's chief executive, told Reuters in a story Wednesday that her plans to build liquid crystal display panels are reduced and possibly placed on shelves.

"In terms of television, we have no place in the US," he told Woo Reuters. "We can not compete."

Woo said it would be more cost-effective to create LCD panels in bigger China and Japan, send them to Mexico for final assembly and import finished products to the United States.

As far as television is concerned, we have no place in the US. We can not compete. – Louis Woo, Special Assistant to Foxconna Terry Gou's Chief Executive Officer

He said it would represent a supply chain that fits in with Foxconn's current "current, good business model".

Woo said the plant would not be built in Wisconsin: "You can not use the factory to see our investment in Wisconsin."

Instead, Woo said, Foxconn wants to create a "technology hub" that will largely consist of research facilities and packaging and assembly operations. Woo said that about three-quarters of the jobs would be in research and development and design, instead of in blue collar jobs.

This opens up the possibility, given the workforce demographics in Wisconsin, that many qualified engineers and other technical experts will have to be recruited from the state.

Great government support for the deal

Foxconn said in a statement that it is expanding its Wisconsin investment base to provide the company and workforce for long-term success. It involves focusing on R & D in advanced industrial Internet technologies and manufacturing high-tech applications and industry solutions such as education, medical and health care, entertainment and sports, security and smart cities, Foxconn said.

The Taiwanese company has charged a massive 1,86 million square foot Wisconsin camp as its first North American production site of a new generation of liquid crystal plates to be used in a wide range of products, including large screen televisions, self-government. – driving cars, notebooks and other monitors.

Foxconn CEO Terry Gou, Center, and Special Assistant Louis Woo, accurately sign the signing agreement on August 27th about announcing $ 100 million investment in engineering and innovation research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. (Steve Apps / Wisconsin State Journal via AP)

The state and local authorities in Wisconsin have promised $ 4 billion to Foxconn, which is the biggest boost in state history and the most promising by the state's foreign corporation in the history of the United States. Foxconn had to invest $ 10 billion and create 13,000 jobs to get full incentives.

He hired 178 full-time jobs instead of 260 targets in 2018, failing to earn a state-owned tax credit worth up to $ 9.5 million.

Spokesperson of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, a Democrat who criticized Foxconna in the campaign against Walker, did not immediately return the message asking for a comment. A spokeswoman for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, who made a deal with Foxconn, also did not immediately return the message.

Every step on the road that Foxconn overcame and failed to deliver. This news is devastating for taxpayers in Wisconsin.– Gordon Hint, a state democrat

The Welsh Republican lawmakers who launched the Foxconn project also did not immediately return the messages on Wednesday.

The White House did not have an immediate comment on Wednesday. Last summer, Trump highlighted his economic policy at a revolutionary event for the massive Foxconna complex, for which state officials initially said he could accommodate 11 football pitches.

"America is open to business more than ever has been open to business." It was made in the United States: everything is happening and is happening very, very fast, "Trump said in June after visiting Foxconn. "Today, we see the results of a pro-American agenda, America in the first place, making America big again, the favorite phrase ever used in politics."

Democratic critics, including Evers, said the incentives promised by Foxconn were too rich and questionable whether the company would ever fulfill its promises of job creation and investment. They also reported that a massive, water-relieving plant from nearby Lake Michigan seriously jeopardized the environment.

"Foxconn broke his promises in Pennsylvania, Brazil, China, and now Wisconsin, wherever they went, used taxpayers to match their pockets," Jimmy Anderson, legislator of the Democratic state, said on Wednesday. Anderson's revelation on social networks was retweeted by Mark Pocan, a Democratic congressman representing Wisconsin at Capitol Hill in Washington.

Gordon Hintz, the leader of the minority Democratic Party in Wisconsin, said in a statement that Foxconn's revised plans "dealt with Taxpayers in Wisconsin" were revised.

"Every step on the road that Foxconn has overcrowded and insufficiently delivered," Hintz said.

"And now it seems that Foxconn lives in its successes in the US – leaving the other country and community high and dry."

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