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Freddie Mercury's Friend of Boys – Judge St. John's – a beautiful portrait in a new Hollywood biopic

Vikas Khaladkar was in the fourth grade when he looked at the charismatic eight-member named Farrokh Bulsar, more famous around the campus than Freddie.

They were school friends in St. Peter's Boys School in West Indies.

Over 50 years later, Khaladkar – Supreme Court Justice at St. John's – she was sitting in the cinema watching Czech rhapsody, a film about his old friend, singer Queen Freddie Mercury.

Vikas Khaladkar, the Court of Justice of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador, attended a classroom with Mercury.

"I thought it was very good," Khaladkar said. "I think the actor [Rami Malek]He walked in to him. I thought it was a fairly decent display of Freddie Merkur. "

The designers were right

While the film took liberties with several parts of Mercury's life story, there was one aspect that Khaladkar was thinking of about a boy he knew from school.

"You should not miss your teeth, do you?" he laughed. "He had these teeth that made him unique, and he never did anything to them." As he grew up, he assumed a little bit of growth in them, but they were bigger when he was smaller, but that was a recognizable feature of course. "

You can look at it and notice how many times you are.– Vikas Khaladkar

Khaladkar remembers Queen's singers for their music and readiness to share it. He lived on the second floor of the dormitory, overlooking the street. Khaladkar said that Mercury will serenade the girls as they pass.

"They would sing from them and love them," he said. "Freddie did a lot of work."

The film focuses on Mercury's relationship with his partner, Mary, through his rise to old age and finally his release.

Different paths from St. Petra

He also touched his heritage – he was born in Zanzibar, which later mixed with the Khaladar province of Tanganyika, now known as Tanzania. There were two from the same region, thousands of miles from the house.

Most of his memories of Mercury come from those who share the same music teacher for a year.

"She was a fresh jumper for everyday lessons, and if you made a mistake when you were doing your piano, she would hit you on the joints with a stick," he said. "Maybe Freddie had more options than I did."

Mercury is the subject of a biopic bohemian rhapsody, featuring Remi Malek. (Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Merkur played in the band during his time at school, with Victor Ran, Tibetan King, who later became Commander in charge of the UN peacekeeping mission in Cyprus in 1999.

While watching Czech rhapsody, Khaladkaru were hit by the various paths they lived after they left the St. Petra.

"You can look at it and see how many times you have traveled and come, whether it is in charge of Cyprus or end up here in Newfoundland. It's unbelievable that we have come to the place where we arrived."

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