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Futurist manages Tesla's model X … and his view of future changes

January 1, 2019 per Matt Pressman

Originally posted on the day EVANNEX.

Daniel Burrus is the author of seven books, including the best-selling Flash Foresight and TechnoTrends. New York Times called it one of the three best business gurus in spectacular high demand as a speaker. It turns out that Burrus recently decided it was time for a new SUV. Something unusual happened when he decided to take Tesla Model X on a test drive.

He also mentioned that he also took test runs with the latest SUVs from BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Cadillac. "However, when I was driving Tesla Model X, I felt like I was driving in the future. After that test drive, my view of other brands was changed. Everyone else felt immediately like the past – says Burrus.

– Buying a car was always the experience of the left and right brain. On the one hand, we would like to buy that dream-out-of-reach dream car, the one that our emotional, creative side would love to have. On the other hand, our rational, logical, reasonable mind wants the car to be safe, economical and not too expensive. Tesla found a way to do both, "Burrus said. However, the Model X company is expensive. However, Model 3 now offers Experience of Tesla at a lower price.

The fun, futuristic features of Tesla X (Picture:Tesla)

"Tesla already offers a wealth of feature-oriented features – features that can save lives, and the features you know we'll all have one day – [which] has the power to change the way that potential customers think – notes Burrus. Adds: "From the perspective of user experience it's a powerful move. Whenever you make the competition look like it offers yesterday's features and functions, and you offer it tomorrow, you can speed up growth. "

Burrus's latest book, Anticipation Organization: Stop Interruptions and Change Opportunities and Benefits, is Amazon # 1 Hot New Business Edition. The Futurist points to Tesla Elon Muska as the supreme example of this phenomenon. He writes: "Tesla, like Amazon, is what I call the Anticipatory Organization, which identifies Hard Trends that want happen, and then use that knowledge to turn disturbances and change into your greatest advantage. "

Daniel Burrus will enter the Tesla model X; To the right: Burrus's latest book, Anticipation organization (Image via Burrus research)

And this advantage goes beyond Tesla's customers. This is also a recurring advantage. Burrus asks: "With all this in mind, where would the greatest young engineering talent want to work?" Ford, General Motors or Tesla? I suppose that Tesla would attract this talent because it represents the future today.

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