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Guardiola welcomes Manchester City to achieve "wonders"

Release Date: Sunday, April 7, 2019 9:08 AM

Pep Guardiola insists that it is "almost impossible" for Manchester City to win four times in spite of having kept that dream alive by winning Brighton to FA Cup finals.

City will return to Wembley on May 18 to face Wolves or Watford after Gabriel Isis in the fourth minute he won 1-0 against the well-organized side of Chrisa Hughton.

The famous FA Cup is now just a victory for Guardiola's men, who have already finished Carabao Cup and remain in the Premier League headquarters while playing in the hands of Liverpool.

Attention is now turning to the first clashes of the Champions League and Quarterfinals on Tuesday in Tottenham, but the City Boss has tried to reduce the rise in quadruple talk.

"I'll tell you something: it's almost impossible to win four times," Guardiola said.

"So, put it in the headlines, guys:" It's almost impossible to win four times. "

"Survival at this stage with all the competitions is a miracle, so it's nice to be there.

"(To be in conflict) is why it is unbelievable that these players worked last season when you scored 100 points. Not Liverpool or Manchester City can do it again.

"A year after, when you tend to be a bit more arrogant or a bit drunk or think of something like that, you really are not.

"And yet we are there, so it's incredible that these players have done so far.

"Every game loses players, but that's normal when you play a lot of games. But we will try all the way to the end, every game. "

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