Sunday , May 9 2021

Heavy equipment used to break windows, steal ATMs at Sobey in St. John & # 39; s

Cody O & Keefe said it sounded like a huge bang – like a falling fire, "but it just went on."

O & Keefe works overnight at Sobeys on Kelsey Drive in St. John was in the shop when, sometime after 5:30, a piece of heavy equipment that looked like a dumpster broke through four windows and into a supermarket compartment.

O & Keefe said he saw three people running the machine when he went to see what was going on.

Several merchants reported that the suspect had taken an ATM.

He was frightened, he said, and as he talked about it in front of the main entrance to the shop, he looked shaken.

As he spoke, the older man came out and returned him back to the heat of the shop.

Heart of Valentine's heart was covered with fragments of broken glass after a piece of heavy equipment was used for a break in Sobeys on Kelsey Drive. (Sarah Smellie / CBC)

The fragments of broken glass were arranged in a jumble hole left in the shop, and the glass was leaning beneath the feet on the sidewalk and in the parking lot in front of the window.

The interior of the store – passes, crashed, and even distorted wreck of overturned basket – was completely exposed. Soon after 8 o'clock the worker arrived to pick up bigger pieces of broken metal, plastic and wood, throwing them aside.

The trade employees were not sure whether they would be open for business on that day.

The debris scattered across the sidewalk and the parking lot at Sobey on Kelsey Drive. (Sarah Smellie / CBC)

The front loader was used to puncture TD banks

Entering Sobeys was the second such incident in as many days.

On Sunday morning at 5:20 am, the police were called to the TD Bank on Elizabeth Avenue after a front loader was used to break one of his walls.

The suspects fled the scene when the police arrived, according to a statement Monday morning.

The police could not tell if the suspect fled with any money.

This investigation is underway, the statement said.

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