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"Hills: New Beginnings" Recap: Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere Overview

New beginnings started over again on Monday with prime minister Horses: new beginnings, The long-awaited (and bizarre) MTV revived the so-called classic reality reality soap.

We came in New Beginnings with two burning questions: First, all the characters talk The hillsFin's original finale that revealed that the whole series was written? And perhaps more importantly, how is that going O.C. the star of Mischa Barton fits in this equation? (We also have endless questions about the broadcast's decision that Barton admitted as "introducing", but they feel like discussions outside the camera.)

The premiere held on Monday (titled "I do not keep my chest … JK!") He answered one of these questions, but like all the timeless works of art, he presented us with a multitude of fresh head scratchers. For example: How did Michael Strahan and Sara Haines complete the show after the show?

To classify all the madness, here's what we've learned New Beginnings(Debi sat (and seven minutes):

* Now a divorced single mother, Audrina Patridge had "a crazy couple of years," and all this was repeated during a full organic conversation with Heidi Pratt and Whitney Port the first night in her new home. (You have to appreciate Audrine's priorities: this girl has not unpacked one box, but has been the host of a frenematic encounter she has not seen for almost ten years.)

* Audrina also "can not shake" her long-lasting feelings for Justin Bobby (called John Stamos of the 90s of reality television), which led to an unpleasant absence in the first hour. Audrina's mother, probably a licensed healthcare professional, advised her daughter to "use, for example, 30 condoms" if she decides to have sex.

* Speaking of mothers who are mummies, Pamela Anderson is happily close to her 23-year-old son, Brandon Lee, a friend of Brody Jenner from childhood. Remember, Brandon is not considered a sexual symbol. Now, he just thinks of her as someone who has "moved to France when Trump was elected and was," Peace out! "

* Despite designing the image of inner peace, the respected Crystal lover Spencer Pratt remains in conflict with his sister Stephanie, who returned to Los Angeles from London (new emphasis explained!) To bridge the bridge their link – which will probably be referred to as their "London now, "because he's British now.

Speaking of Spencer, he discovered that "he would love to be famous again".

Brody and his wife from the "nightmare" have marital problems, none of which has any connection with the fact of sharing the name with his father:

Women on the hills

In a way we got the answer to Mischa Barton. She's a friend of Stephanie. Together they attended the London Academy of False Accents.

* For the 2019 broadcast. New Beginnings much is mentioned by Perez Hilton.

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