Saturday , May 15 2021

How to complete the challenge of the 14th and 14th days of Fortnight

The last day of the "Fortune-14 Day" event was finally passed on Tuesday, January 1st.

14 Days of Fortune saw a collection of new challenges, items, prizes and other forms of content added to the game to celebrate the 2018 holiday.

However, now that 2018 has been closed to somebody celebrations in the game, the last 14 days The strong challenge is available for players to finish.

Fortunately, the final challenge should be relatively easy for anyone who regularly plays the game – Search for 14 Chins.

Although chests are not always born in the same place 100% of the time, it is highly likely that you will be able to find them throughout the fortune map after a few games.

A full map showing all the best areas for your breasts can be seen below, thanks to "Z444Z" on Reddit.

Like all the challenges, you have to either die or secure Royale's victory so any progress you can make counts. It seems not leave the game early.

Once the challenge is over, players will earn "disco-themed" sailing boats in the game.

Do not worry if you can not complete all Fortune 14 Challenge Challenges at this time, as they will only be available after the event finishes for a limited time.

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